Going Green this Christmas

December 18th, 2008 at 4:21 pm by under Turn to 2

Okay folks, all we here about is going green lately.  This too applies to Christmas and the holiday season.  I’ve got a couple of tips you could follow to help you in your quest to reducing your carbon footprint. 

Holiday Cards:

Cards sold during the holiday season would fill a football field 10 stories high. This year consider going paper-free. Direct friends to your blog or send holiday greetings via email.

If you prefer to send hand-written notes, one service provider Angie’s List talked to suggests taking old holiday cards and cutting them down into postcards, which eliminates unnecessary wasted envelopes and cuts back on postage costs.

Holiday Lighting:

A great way to save money on your utility bill is by switching from traditional holiday lights to LED lights. They are up to 90 percent more efficient. Depending on how often and the number of lights used, a string of 100 LED lights can retail from $10 to $15, and can pay for themselves in as little as one season. LED’s also last longer, are more durable, and produce almost no heat – eliminating fire concerns.

If you use traditional lights, put them on timers. Leaving lights on for 24 hours a day can quadruple your energy costs. Always unplug your lights before going to bed or leaving home.

Wrapping Presents:

Most wrapping paper you find in stores is not recycled and ends up in landfills.  Instead of buying paper, get creative with what you have around the house. Wrap presents in posters, children’s artwork, or put a small present in a scarf/basket and make the wrapping part of the gift.

Re-use gift bags and ribbon.  You could also make gift tags from last year’s cards.  If you love traditional wrapping paper, buy the recycled versions.

Christmas Trees:

Artificial trees are plastic, imported and use petroleum, but are reusable year after year.  If you want a real tree, choose one that’s grown without pesticides or chemical fertilizers. Then recycle your tree after the holidays. Many municipalities collect trees to mulch.

Holiday Parties/Entertaining:

Use real glasses and dishes, especially if you own an energy efficient dishwasher.  If you choose disposable plates, pick recyclable paper, not plastic or Styrofoam.  Use cloth napkins if you can.

Follow a few of these simple tips and you might be well on your way to being Earth friendly.  Merry Christmas and have a Happy New Year!!!!



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  1. Whitney says:

    I buy a gift certificate monthly to myself as a way to keep in budget with buying books for my kindle. I receive it in under a minute via email then i apply the code numbers to my account and it’s there when I need it. Never had a problem.

  2. Geri Spraggs says:

    Holiday credit rating cards could be a great deal a lot more than pre-printed credit rating cards stuffed in envelopes with mailing labels applied. With some imagination and also the correct greeting card supplier, a greeting card can be considered a truly unique, greater high high quality present that projects organization professionalism as nicely as heartfelt wishes for that holiday season.

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