Crash Test Study

April 14th, 2009 at 6:23 pm by under Business, Turn to 2, Uncategorized
New crash tests just released today are raising serious questions about the safety of small cars. People who may be trying to save money by purchasing these smaller cars may be paying with higher risk.

The impact is dramatic. The message seems clear. The smallest cars on the road, even those that meet…And exceed federal safety requirements, do poorly when they crash into their mid-size counterparts.

The non-profit insurance institute for highway safety put the Toyota Yaris, Smart for two and Honda fit in head-to-head crash tests with mid-size models from their respective companies.

The tests show all three earned a poor rating in the head to head collisions. Passengers in the fit, yaris and smart fortwo were at higher risk for injury than those in the larger, heavier midsize sedans.

Smart’s president defends the track record of their cars.

The most recent statistics show the overall death rate for micro-cars is 23 percent higher than for midsize vehicles.

Still, as gas prices soared in the last year so did sales of sub-compacts.

But these tests have some questioning if saving money on gas means paying a price when it comes to safety.

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