What do you need to know?

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Welcome to the first Need 2 know blog.  I’m intersted in what’s on your mind.  What is it in your life, your kids’ lives, your community that you need to know more about?  E-mail me and let me know.  I’ll find out the answer and let you know every Wednesday at 5:00pm. 

The weekend weather looks great, so you need to know you can enjoy the sunshine and warm temperatures while helping out a great cause.  The March of Dimes, March for Babies begins at nine sharp Saturday morning at Carrillon Park.  Come out, and help us give all babies their full nine months.  You can sign up and make a donation Saturday morning and then walk to help area babies.  It’s great fun.  I will be there to help kick off this great event.  I hope to see you there.

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  1. joy sparrow says:

    i need to know how to go about getting a deposit back on a rental. contact me at 937-456-6011 or 937-569-1641. I am writing on behalf of my daughter, Erin Sparrow, who passed away of cervical cancer in Jan, this yr. She lost her house last yr due her illness and no money coming in. She rented a house and was paid up to March 1. Everything was moved out by Feb 28th and the house was clean. The landlord refuses to give the deposit back. I feel he should give it back. I planned to use the money for the kids over the summer. We also cannot get her car signed over to us. She had 5 children, I have a small car and she had a van. I am not asking for me but for the children. I think he should give the money back. Please help us solve this situation! Thank you , Joy Sparrow

  2. Jackie Arnold says:

    I need to know if anyone has seen my girlfriends dog. My friend has been a total wreck since she came home and found her dog missing On May 8th 2009 he came up missing and is not one to run off. For three days everyone searched the area of Thackery and Terrehaute Ohio and hung posters up with his picture and a reward of $300.00. On Tuesday the 12th someone (unidentified) called and said that some boys at her house took the dog to North Hampton Rd. near North Hampton and booted the dog out. My girlfriend and some friends searched the area and found out that he had been in North Hampton for 2 days. As of today we haven’t found him and we will continue to search since he is loved just as a child is loved. Pictures are posted all over North Hampton and he has been sighted today 5-15-2009. I need to know if you could announce that a male, brindle colored dog, approximately 2 1/2 feet high is missing in the area of North Hampton and that there are pictures posted throughout the town and there is a reward of $300.00 to the person who returns the dog. Call 1-937-933-4004 or 1-937-520-7919 and ask for Carol, return the dog, and collect $300.00.

  3. Barbara Atkinson says:

    I would like to donate business suits to the Dress for Success program or a similar one. Online, I find stores in Cincinnati, Columbus and other large cities in Ohio but not in Dayton. I know I have seen Bucher’s Beat where he interviewed the owner on more than one occasion. Can you connect me?


  4. Ken says:

    Need to know about the story related to credit card use. I believe there were 6 things you shouldn’t use your credit cards for….or something like that.

  5. Susie P says:

    I would like to know my rights as an employee in Ohio. I can’t seem to find what I am looking for. Where I work I am required to find a replacement to work on my personal days and vacation days. A paper needs to be filled out at least 48 hours in advance. The answer from supervisor office is to be posted then. Many times it is not, or it is posted after the day(s) request off dates. If the replacement that I find calls off on day(s) they agreed to or they no show to work that person and myself receive a write up. Is this legal?

  6. my sister is going through a bad divorce and not getting help from the father. Would like to know how she could get coats for her two small kids from Carl’s coats for kids. It would be very helpful to her. thank you very much.

  7. Nellie says:

    Dear Michelle,
    I was wondering if you are still married and if so why you are dating John Templin? I thought I saw you on a cozy date Saturday night at Greene, it made me sad because I’ve always looked up to you.

  8. Andi says:

    Dear Michelle,
    I am writing with the hopes that your station may be willing to do a feature story this week on a very important community issue. In a few short weeks, the historical Dille Mansion, that lies nestled in the woods at the corner of Feedwire and Wilmington Pike is going to be torn down by Oberer’s Development to make way for another commercial and retail development. This home is surrounded by age old trees, that will also be torn down along with this home, which is the oldest stone mansion in Ohio. Why do we need to keep supporting urban sprawl and destroying nature and history to have yet another place like the Greene? In a climate of economic uncertainty, how can we justify such waste? Do we really need another mall, or Krogers at the expense of history and nature? This home and was built by members of the Patterson family. It was later owned by Dr. Charles Dille, a prominent pathologist who owned Dille Labs, (now Compunet Labs). When he died in 1999 his eight children were left with one legal battle after the next because the house was tied up in a trust. Due to a dishonest trustee of the estate (who is now deceased), and battles between the City of Centerville, and Sugar Creek township over annexation of this land, the trust has been tied up in one court case after the next, as I am sure you are aware. I presented a plan to the City of Centerville, Bear Creek Capital who at the time was planning to develop the land for retail as well as recently, Oberer’s to donate the mansion to the community and build around it. My idea was just one I am sure of many that would save this beautiful and majestic home. As a nurse I am felt the mansion could be preserved as a non-profit home for the Dille Center for Women’s Health and Wellness. Funded by government grants as a non-profit organization it would offer women in our community a place to go to network with other women, participate in programs on stress and anxiety management, provide a meeting place for groups such as AA, Alanon, OA, smoking cessation groups. In saving it, it would give back to our community in a time when we all need support with all the many hats we wear as women, wives, mothers, caring for aged parents, etc. The idea was embraced by the Dille daughters and Bear Creek Capital at the time along with the city of Centerville. But when Bear Creek Capital was unable to come through with selling the parcels, it changed hands and was given to Oberers, whose plan is to tear down the Dille to place a parking lot their for another office, retail complex similiar to the Greene. I the eight heirs to the Dille land have been

  9. Probably teenagers after the trauma has been initiated and while the brain is still in development. would be an interesting research study.. i know a lot of people will be affected by ptsd in probably 20′s-30′s or when something reminds them of the trauma they faced while younger. It all just depends on when the event happened, most trauma associated with a bad case of ptsd is happens to the person as a child and affects them subconsciously for years before it surfaces which can be anytime in their life.

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