Tropical Storm Claudette… will it affect us?

August 16th, 2009 at 9:23 pm by under News, Weather

Tropical storm Claudette is about to make landfall in Florida and as of 9pm on Sunday night its top winds are 45 knots or about 50 mph. 


While winds and storm surge from the ocean aren’t typically large problems with a system of this magnitude, flooding rain is.  The circulation brings in deep tropical moisture and if it is a slow enough mover can cause extreme flooding.


Right now the path for this system takes it into the Tennessee Valley.  Even though the system will be much weaker then it is currently, with the amount of humidity around and temperatures generally in the 80′s the lingering left over circulation will be a bulls eye for heavy rain.  While the path from the National Hurricane Center stops at Tuesday 1Am we can extrapolate a little further.


Usually a system of this size will follow the 500mb flow.  As you can see from the wind barbs this system has some forcing to the west pushing the low north and east.  Right now I would put Kentucky and West Virgina as the main track for the remnants of Claudette but we can’t be ruled out of the equation.

Things can change however… with no real strong current in place right now this system may decide to twist and turn a little more along the Gulf before moving northwards.  So continue to watch the forecast!  We’ll have to continue to monitor this situation.

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  1. Jamie Jarosik says:

    Amazing, over the weekend… not only did we hit 90-degrees for the first time since JUNE, but the tropics got quite active! Ana, Bill AND Claudette formed! Yes, we return to work with THREE named storms!

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