What do you need to know?

November 5th, 2009 at 3:43 pm by under Uncategorized

It seems I drive my kids to school, go for a walk outside, talk to my friends, and there’s something they’re wondering about… something they need to know about something.  I find often it’s something many other people are thinking about as well.   So while you’re out and about in your professional and personal life, remember those questions you didn’t have answers to and let me know… so we can tell you and others what they need to know.

Enjoy this great fall day, and the weekend’s looking great, so make your plans now.

18 Responses to “What do you need to know?”

  1. Susan says:

    We have a bunch of unopened diabetic supplies including test strips and lancets. Do you know of any charitable organization that could use them before they find their way to the trash can?


  2. diane dalton says:

    i have been working for meijer for ten years , back in 08 i got there doing a job for them, i was off work for 16 months, i came back to in april of 09, ever since i was send back to work i have been harass,first thing they done was lied to my doctor they told them i was going to be a back door reciever and i wasn’t i was put in salvage i was on restirction, no harding used of the right arm and shoulder, salvage there is a lot of lifting, but i was told if i stay on restriction i wold not get any benefit at all. second thing meijer did was wrote me up for everything i did my co worker would do the same thing and she dont get wrote up, and now they tell me i cant get my holiday pay i have to be there for a year in order to get my holiday pay but a new hire can get it after six months, how is that fair to me. i call the labor berau and they told me there is no law for holiday pay. my union suck, my union rep said at one time they would fight more for kroger then they would for us because they are a bigger store and older. who else can i talk to about this unfairness. thank you for time
    diane dalton
    3627 michigan ave.
    dayton,ohio 45416

  3. Anne says:

    Michele, I read your story in O Magazine and I’m looking for a source for your cookbook Reporting the Local Meals. Thank you!

  4. rtee says:

    can you find out why? dayton police does not enforce noise control (thumping and vibrating house and windows /beavercreek just started

  5. terry says:

    I need to know if it is ok for a bank to reopen your savings if you have closed it with No pending transactions. I closed my savings on 043010 and was notified two days later that they opened it again to pay someone who debited my account. Is this right?? I let everyone know that it was going to be closed. Now I owe them over a 1,000 in fees. Is this right??????

  6. Deandre says:

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