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February 8th, 2010 at 5:35 pm by under Weather

Send us your storm reports here. Let us know what’s happening in your neighborhood.

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  1. Bill says:

    Cold and snowy here in Huber. I had to dig myself out of the garage this morning.

  2. Lyle Critser says:

    Huber Heights 9:45 AM Feb 9, 2010 snow fall total so far 4.5″ with heavy snow falling.

  3. Jamie Jarosik says:

    Lyle, thanks for the report from Huber! You’ve had some heavier bands come through this morning!

  4. Lynn Woodard says:

    4+ inches of snow in Germantown through 10:30 this morning. Flakes are getting bigger. It’s a winter wonderland out there.

  5. Mike G says:

    I had posted this elsewhere—but around 3 pm or so this afternoon when the snow had basically come to an end—I went out to shovel the driveway and to clear a path through the front courtyard to the front door—out on the driveway–after taking about a half dozen or so depth readings at various points on the driveway–I had readings that ranged from just above 6 inches to almost 7 but if I had to call a depth–I would say 6.25 inches—this is in the Washington Twp area.

    In my courtyard—it tends to drift up–I had spots that were around ten inches or so with the deepest one measuring almost a foot, but I don’t count those samples since they were in drifts.

  6. Nancy Davis says:

    Main State Routes are ok, but rural secondary roads were still snow covered with deep tire tracks. When the winds kicks up, it will be hard to see where the road is. Be careful tonight !

  7. Sue says:

    Still some light flurries here in Beavercreek Township. The roads are passable but snow-covered. I don’t have a measurement of the latest snowfall but total on the ground here measures 12 1/4 inches.

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