What is ‘Wishes 2 Come True’?

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Wishes 2 Come True…granting wishes all over the Miami Valley.

2 NEWS is On Your Side with Wishes 2 Come True. Wishes 2 Come True is designed to grant a wish to a needy individual, a family or a group.

There are no boundaries when it comes to helping our friends in the Miami Valley. 2 NEWS On Your Side will be granting wishes all throughout 2011.

Share your wish or a wish you have for someone else today!

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One Response to “What is ‘Wishes 2 Come True’?”

  1. Alfred McCarty says:

    I am not in anyway affiliated with Section 8 other than being a taxpayer and known a few families that are. My Complaint is in reference to Apt. communities that have qualified through Oklahoma/Tulsa housing abusing the system, thus wasting my tax money. My specific area of concern is in feference to Thermostat controled complexes.
    I will use Pomelroy apts. as an example (many others fall in same catagory). I have recieved many comments and complaints from the residences about have no heat for the past 2 monthes. Basically they have tole residences there boiler is broken and have had no heat period this season. Have noticed that the thermostat in the apartments all read between 40-50 degrees. If on the North end of the complex is in the 30′s. It has been like this for weeks now.
    My comment: “Is this acceptable according the the Mission statement, Federal guidelines and standards of Oklahoma housing authority ?”
    These complexes are owned by large Corporations. Rent they charge is on average the same as they rent their properties that are not subsidized with Tax dollars.
    I view this as biling the system and creating undue hardships on the families and residences.
    Undue hardships: With the economy the way it is many families are really struggling to survive. Should a womans family (esp. adolecences) have to suffer this? Should not kids have a safe and warm enviroment in order to futher there education and outlooks of life.
    I mean one little thing like providing Heat would futher positive reinforcement itself. It is not right that anyone has to come home bundle up their families, turn on the oven and miss quality family time and the instilling of values. I have even heard of moms having their children sleep on floors in front of ovens at night.
    I realize Housing is an underfunding and struggling Department during these economic time. I have nothing but the Utmost Compassion for the work and services they provide. But I also believe it is time for housing to maybe ROCK THE BOAT on some of these large complexes/corporations and do some spot checks and interview/observe some of the families.
    I choose to use the Pomelroy Apt. complex because it was just a few yrs back that they refurbished the whole complex and requalified thru housing. I believe they should be required to keep up the the livable standards that they contracted to ensure for the residences.
    Maybe a surprised and thorough spot check is all it would take to scare them back into line. Even Management realizes the issues and cares. But being a big Corporation their hands are tied. The company appears to be making large profits off the suffering of others. And if they continue to use their same approach and try to limit their commitments, and not get get called on it. It can only get worse in the future. esp. if/when they are confronted they bring up Housing and their blind/deaf eye approach in the future.

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