Snowtober in the Northeast

October 29th, 2011 at 8:31 pm by under Weather

Trick or treaters in the Northeast got tricked this weekend.   They either have to cover up their costumes and fight snow drifts or forgo the candy and shovel the sidewalk.  Usually when I see snow on the radar due to a Nor’easter it’s in the dead of winter NOT late October.  Snow which has been heavy at times has accumulated from West Virgina all the way to Maine.  I guess that’s one of the reasons this storm has been given the nickname “Snowtober

Take a look at some of the winter warnings in effect along the east coast.

Can you imagine a lot of snow this early in the season?  Well people along the east coast are feeling the pain from this snow.  Depending on the location areas picked up four, eight and even 14 inches of snowfall!  The higher amounts are in some of the mountainous areas.  Here’s a neat link I found showing a map of the Northeast and how much snow has fallen in each location.  All you have to do is zoom in and out on the map and click on the number to see where the snow has fallen.  I found a 14″ total in Mount Storm, WV.  Can you find a higher amount?

Records are bound to be broken due to the fact there is so much snow so early in the season.  One interesting record I found was the snowfall recorded in Central Park, NY.  This is the snowiest October on record for Central Park!  Records have been kept since 1876 and as of 2pm today Central Park had 1.3″ of snowfall.  This amount is probably going to get a little higher after the storm but it smashed some of the other October snowfalls.

Oh did I mention winds with this storm are around 15-35mph with gusts near 50 or 60mph?  Visibility has been reduced to less than a quarter of a mile in some locations.
Like many early season snow storms one of the other large factors is a lot of the trees still have leaves on them.  The trees can’t take the weight of the snow, branches break or trees fall and hit power lines.  It’s estimated about 1.7 million people are without power.

I guess it’s a good thing this didn’t happen around the holidays….or will it happen again around the holidays?
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  1. Hope & Greg says:

    We’re on vacation in NYC and it is awesome! It’s 9pm and the snow is still coming down! The hotel lot was plowed about 6pm and there’s another 2″ that has fallen since then!

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