Ring around the moon

January 7th, 2012 at 11:20 pm by under Weather

Tonight we took several calls and emails about a ring showing up around the moon.  I stepped outside (I was so excited I forgot my coat – oops) and saw what is called a halo around the moon.
Here’s a photo from Parker Fritz

There are cirrus clouds over the Miami Valley right now.  These clouds are high in the atmosphere and contain tiny ice crystals.  These ice crystals refract the moonlight and create a ring or halo around the moon.

Here’s another photo from Eric Arthur

These optical effects are sometimes hard to photograph.  I’ve seen other photos where something like a pole or large object is blocking the moon that way you can see the ring more clearly.  However these photos are great!

If you’re a science buff and want a little more detailed information about refraction click here.

There are also sun halos.  Same concept.
Hope you enjoyed the show!!

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