Unseasonably warm weather starts today…

March 13th, 2012 at 7:19 am by under Weather

Yesterday, as we forecast, the clouds were just enough to keep temperatures in check.  We stayed in the lower 60s… and while it was well above normal, it’s nowhere near how warm we’ll be the rest of the week.  We will see highs in the 70s, starting today!   The last time we made it to 70-degrees was back on November 14th.  The last time we were in the lower 70s was Oct 26th… and mid-70s, October 16th.

We welcome all the out of town visitors with this Chamber of Commerce forecast!  It looks spectacular for an evening out downtown, in the Oregon District, or if you’re heading out to UD Arena for the First Four action:

Normal highs are in the upper 40s, so through the next five-seven days, we will be running more than 20-degrees above those values.  Will we set any records?  Right now, forecast highs are below the record for each day.  BUT it will be close on a couple of the days:

Wednesday may be the pick-day of the week, as we’ll see mid-70s, lots of sun, and lighter winds.  The next chance of rain is Thursday afternoon and into Friday.  It won’t be a wash-out those days, but expect at least a few scattered showers or thunderstorms in the area.  It’s sort of a summer-like weather pattern for the weekend, with the Gulf wide open… warm & humid conditions… the slight chance of a pop-up shower or thunderstorm each day.  And it’s only March 13th!!

Sorry to all the students who missed out on snow days this winter!  I talked with a great group of 4th graders from Centerville yesterday.  While they were hoping for a day off with snow… I don’t think they’re complaining too much about the current forecast!

Enjoy the warmth!


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  1. Anonymous says:

    What about record high minimum temperatures this week, as well?

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