Most should see some rain over the next few days…

July 13th, 2012 at 7:27 am by under Weather

We are starting this FRIDAY with dry conditions once again, but rain is finally back in the forecast.  This afternoon and evening will be the most likely times to see scattered showers in the Miami Valley:

But not everyone will even SEE rain today… as the activity will be pretty hit-and-miss.  The good news:  if you don’t get rain today, you will still have a chance over the weekend.  Our pattern will remain warm, humid and unsettled through Sunday.  The day that has the most likelihood of rain is Saturday, and the timing looks most favorable for the afternoon:

As I feared, the trend of LESS rain has continued, and we are looking at a potential rainfall ranging from only .01″ to .5″ across the area, with the highest amounts still expected in the southeast:

So it’s definitely NOT going to be enough to relieve the ongoing drought, which is now up to SEVERE levels in parts of the Miami Valley:

Most of the state of Ohio (78%)  is now under at least a Moderate Drought.  It’s even worse across parts of Indiana, where Extreme Drought conditions have prompted many burn bans–including in Indianapolis.  Fines will be administered to people caught burning there.  If things don’t improve, we will likely see similar bans here in the Miami Valley very soon.  I would actually advise not starting fires of any kind NOW.  Yesterday, a field fire started up in Darke Co and spread quickly… even injuring a few firefighters:  DARKE CO FIELD FIRE

An update on the farms, no surprise they NEED the rain this weekend.  While it doesn’t look like much for many… it is at least something.  Here is more on the state of our local farms:  CROPS RUNNING OUT OF TIME

We would love to hear from YOU during the weekend.  Let us know how much rain you get/don’t get.  Download the 2News App and you will always be connected through the ReportIt feature on the menu.



2 Responses to “Most should see some rain over the next few days…”

  1. Kurt says:


    First of all I think you are as cute as a button and I enjoy watching you in the mornings. You come off informed but not cocky or brash like other weatherpersons I’ve seen and/or heard in this area.

    Anyway, I wish one time the weatherpersons in this area would just come right out and say or admit they really they are just “winging it” as far as forecasting….it’s based on outdated models (because the weather is changing drastically) and shear good luck. Start tracking how often you (or any of the other weatherpersons) are right or close versus not even and I think you’d begin to see my frustration. I’m sure other folks feel and would express the same sentiments once the ball gets rolling.

  2. FleshWund says:

    Weatherperson? more like Meteorologists. They can only predict the weather, not do hum drum rain dances to create downfalls in certain areas… so they basically make a hypothetical assumption based on current technological models… wonder how good you would do?

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