August, 2012

Watching Isaac for the holiday weekend…

August 31st, 2012 at 7:32 am by under Weather

High pressure is bringing us one more clear morning, and it was a beautiful sight to see the full moon over the Miami Valley during the early morning hours.  I captured a shot of the moon setting over Eaton:

This was actually a “Blue Moon”– the 2nd full moon in a calendar month (most months usually just have one).  A blue moon may not be as rare as you think, occurring every 2.7 years, on average.  The next blue moon will be July 31, 2015.

It’s still comfortable out there this morning, even though a southerly flow has developed and temperatures are about 10-degrees warmer than yesterday.  We’re going to get muggy pretty quick, though… check out the dew points just south of us:

Ours actually started in the mid-50s this morning, and have been climbing slowly.  We should see them in the mid-upper 60s later this afternoon as tropical moisture spreads in ahead of Isaac.  Ahhh, Isaac.  It’s what we’ve been talking about all week!  This morning, Isaac is still a tropical depression… with winds sustained at 35mph and gusts to 45mph.  The forecast path has slowed a bit, but still brings it right over southwest Ohio as we head towards Labor Day.

The rainfall forecast has been adjusted as new data comes in.  We are still expecting periods of rain, which could be heavy at times, over the holiday weekend.  We could see a shower as early as tonight (chance is 30%)… but a better shot comes Saturday, and right now, it looks like the heaviest/steadiest will be Sunday into Monday.  The bullseye of highest rainfall remains west of us:

With so much going on outdoors this weekend, it’s the perfect time to download the 2 News App.  Keep Live Doppler 2HD on your mobile device at all times!  This will allow you to keep tabs on where the rain is at any given moment… and to stay connected to the latest Storm Team 2 Forecast.  We will keep you updated right through the holiday weekend!


Warming for the end of the week, then Isaac brings rain…

August 30th, 2012 at 8:39 am by under Weather

High pressure that has brought a beautiful week is shifting off to the east today.  This will set up a southerly flow for us, and temperatures will get warmer.  Today’s high climbs into the upper 80s with full sunshine.  And Friday we should hit the 90-degree mark for the 34th time this season.  The humidity will also start to increase tomorrow, and we’ll notice clouds streaming in from the south.  Check out Isaac–still a tropical storm with 45mph winds this morning:

It hasn’t moved much from yesterday!!  This morning, it’s still sitting over Louisiana, only moving along at  a 6-8 mile-per-hour clip.  Extremely heavy rain, gusty winds and a tornado threat continue for that region.  The northern edge of the cloud shiels is currently moving into southern Kentucky.  That will creep our way tomorrow… so expect increasing clouds as we head into Friday afternoon.  Friday looks dry, with about a 20-30% chance of a few showers Friday night.  The real threat of rain begins Saturday and sticks around through the entire holiday weekend.  Here is the latest forecast track of the remnants of Isaac:

Futuretrac has the remnant low in Missouri on Saturday morning, with some rain bands moving into the Miami Valley:

There is still some question on the exact track, and we’ll get a better idea each model run as we head toward the weekend.  But if things pan out the way they’re looking now… not only will we see drought relief in the region, we will also have the potential for flooding.  Rainfall amounts are forecast to be in the 2-5″ zone through the weekend:

Things could still change, so don’t let this be the last forecast you see!  We will continue to bring you the latest on Isaac’s track and how it will impact the Miami Valley!

Dry for a few, then a potential soaking!

August 29th, 2012 at 7:43 am by under Weather

High pressure is building in and bringing a lot of sunshine to the Miami Valley for the next couple days.  Expect dry conditions to continue through the end of the week, with this strong high in control.  Today’s temperatures will top out near-normal as we reach 82-degrees this afternoon.  As the high shifts east, our winds become more southerly Thursday and Friday:

This not only means warmer temperatures, but also an increase in humidity.  Highs will be in the upper 80s to right around 90 as we finish off the week.  Right now, it looks like the rain chances hold off until late Friday night… but more likely until Saturday as the remnants of Isaac bring tropical moisture into the Miami Valley.

Isaac strengthened into a Category 1 hurricane yesterday, as expected, before it made landfall around 6:45 pm… just southwest of the mouth of the Mississippi River.  It didn’t move much overnight, sitting nearly stationary for hours as it lingered along the Louisiana coast.  Isaac made a second landfall around 4 am today near Port Fourchon, Louisiana. We have Live Doppler 2HD picking up the NWS radar out of New Orleans this morning:

As Isaac is a slow moving storm, very heavy rainfall–up to 15-20 inches–will be possible in parts of LA, MS, AL.  Damaging winds and storm surge are also occurring.  Here are the current stats as of 7am:

Isaac will continue to weaken today as it moves farther inland.  We are still expecting the remnants of Isaac to affect us here in the Miami Valley over the holiday weekend.  It now looks like the rain would hold off until later Saturday… but the potential is still there for some heavy rain through Labor Day:

I’m slightly worried about my long run this weekend… and hopefully I can get it in early Saturday, before the rain starts.  As a part of half-marathon training, I am also running the Holiday at Home 5K in Kettering on Labor Day morning.  I’m running it rain or shine!  I’m hoping for a break in any downpours during the race… or we will be squishing in our shoes, lol.  Yesterday I got two miles in… not very far at all, but when pushing two kids in a jogging stroller, I sometimes think THAT’S harder than when I do a long run, solo.

We will continue to watch the developing weather situation for the weekend… stay tuned.

Isaac fourth Atlantic hurricane this season

August 28th, 2012 at 4:34 pm by under Weather

This Atlantic hurricane season has been active but many of the storms have strayed away from the US.  Isaac now is the first hurricane this season to hit landfall.  As of earlier Tuesday the storm reached a category 1 status with winds near 75mph.  The storm is a slow mover with a speed of only 10mph.  This means the Isaac will drop a ton of rain on Louisiana, Alabama and Mississippi.  Some locations may pick up 10-15 inches.

Here’s a picture of Isaac from the University of Wisconsin SSEC:

Here is Isaac’s current conditions as of Tuesday afternoon.  You can track Isaac by using our Tropical Tracker.

Isaac makes four hurricanes this season with ten named storms in all.  TS Alberto, TS Beryl, Hurricane Chris, TS Debby, Hurricane Ernesto, TS Florence, TS Helene, Hurricane Gordon, Hurricane Isaac, TS Joyce.

Isaac is the first hurricane to make landfall this year.  The other three Chris, Ernesto and Gordon have been far in the Atlantic .  Tropical Storms Beryl and Debby brought significant rain to parts of Florida earlier this year.

Here’s a look at TS Debby’s landfall.

The Atlantic hurricane season peaks in early September so we still have the chance of seeing more storms. Here’s a look at climatology.

The official forecast from the National Hurricane Center suggests we may still be on track for more.  The forecast was updated in early August but still has a number of storms on it

Named storms:  12-17
Hurricanes:  5-8
Major Hurricanes (category 3 or higher): 2-3

Here’s hoping the tropical weather stays away from the US coastline and keeps everyone safe.


High and dry again, but still watching Isaac

August 28th, 2012 at 7:51 am by under Weather

A cold front brought some rain yesterday… but it wasn’t quite as much as we needed.  Here is a look at some of the totals, as reported by our Weathercheckers… anywhere from a trace up to about .4″:

Now we’re back to dry conditions as high pressure is building in from the north.  We will continue to see sunshine and pleasantly warm temperatures.  Highs both today and Wednesday will be near-normal in the lower 80s.  We do get a little warmer Thursday and Friday as the high moves east and our winds become more southerly.  We should be in the mid-upper 80s these days.  And then the rain chances begin!  We are still watching Isaac (still a tropical storm) in the Gulf of Mexico this morning.  The storm is very close to becoming a hurricane, and is expected to officially do that today before making landfall tonight.  Here is the forecast path as it comes ashore along the Louisiana coast:

For us, Isaac will brings good news/bad news… the good: we have a pretty good chance at getting a nice soaking rain out of this, which will help with the drought situation.  The bad: it’s likely going to happen over the holiday weekend.  Here’s the extended Isaac track:

Stay tuned to the latest on Isaac and the upcoming weekend forecast!


Katrina vs Isaac comparison

August 27th, 2012 at 2:00 pm by under Weather

All eyes have been on Tropical Storm Isaac soon to be Hurricane Isaac this weekend.  This storm has been interesting to watch from a forecasting prospective.  Late last week many computer models were showing a variety of tracks.  Some had Isaac heading into the Gulf of Mexico while others had it veering right and moving into the Atlantic.  Now the models have a better idea of where it’s going to go.  The track doesn’t look good for the states along the gulf – and to make matters worse it’s going to hit the exact same day Katrina hit New Orleans seven years later.

While Isaac isn’t as strong as Katrina, both storm paths are eerily similar.  I thought I would take a look back at Katrina -  a storm many of us will never forget.

Katrina formed near the Bahama’s on August 23, 2005 as a tropical depression.

Satellite Image: NOAA

The storm quickly strengthened to a category one hurricane and made its first of two landfalls on August 25th near North Miami Beach, Florida.

The storm only spent seven hours over Florida and intensified once it hit the warm waters in the Gulf of Mexico.  Sea surface temperatures were one to two degrees above normal and the warmer water wasn’t just at the surface.  The was a large depth of water that was warmer back in 2005.  There was also little to no vertical wind sheer which means the thunderstorm tops weren’t ripped apart.  These are the perfect conditions for a hurricane to thrive.  Katrina fed off of these factors and by August 26th hit “major” status which is a category three storm or higher.

Katrina as a category 5 storm; Image from NOAA

By August 28th it reached category five strength with winds near 170mph.  The eye of the storm was well defined, waves were high and so were the winds.  It was on track to hit the gulf coast  and no one knew it would cause so much destruction.

On August 29, 2005 Katrina made it’s second and most damaging landfall.  It weakened to a category three storm as it hit Grand Isle, Louisiana but it still was a strong storm.  Winds topped out at 125 mph and the central pressure dropped to 920millibars which is the third lowest on record for a land falling Atlantic storm.   Rain fell at one inch per hour in some locations and the storm surges were  10-19 feet in Louisiana, 24-28 feet in Mississippi.

Here’s a link to a radar animation as Katrina was making landfall in Louisiana.


Rainfall and wind gusts; Image from NOAA

Now Isaac is a different storm even though it’s going to make landfall on the same day almost in the exact same place.  Isaac formed east of the Leeward Islands and brought Haiti and Cuba heavy rain.  The storm was disorganized due to the mountainous terrain from both countries however once over the open gulf Isaac started to organize a little more.  There was no direct landfall in Florida from Isaac but rain bands hit the state hard producing heavy rain and tornadoes.

Isaac is not expected to be as strong as Katrina but that may not matter.  The storm is moving slowly and will likely produce heavy amounts of rain near New Orleans.  Here’s a look at one of our computer model’s rainfall forecast.

The worst part of a hurricane is near the right front quadrant – the rain is heavier here and the winds are stronger.  That’s because not only do you get the wind from the rotation of the storm but also the forward motion of the storm.  The right front quadrant is where the strongest winds occur and those are heading right for Louisiana.

Here’s the path updated Monday morning:


Eerily similar…however Katrina spent a little more time in the warmer waters of the Gulf while Isaac is taking a more westerly track.

I have read many reports saying that Louisiana and New Orleans have learned from Katrina and have plans in place.  I am happy to hear this and I hope we don’t see a repeat of seven years ago.

If you want to track Isaac’s path we have set up a great feature on our website.  Click HERE to find out where Isaac is and the latest forecast.  We have also set up a photo gallery of Isaac images.  Click HERE to view the photo gallery.


Rain chances this week: cold front… then Isaac?

August 27th, 2012 at 7:48 am by under Weather

A cold front moving into the Miami Valley is bringing the chance of rain back to the area!  Finally!  We haven’t seen measurable rainfall at the Dayton International Airport since the 21st (last Tuesday)… but even then it was only .01″.  The last REAL rain for the area was back on the 4th and 5th, when we picked up most of our 1.5″ monthly total.  So we NEED a nice soaking.  Today will likely bring some nice totals to the area… northern counties stand to see the highest amounts, but we all have  a pretty good shot at something.  Most spots should see anything from .25 to .5″ on average.  Of course there could be some isolated higher amounts… and also spots with a little less, too.

This is all coming in with a cold front.  Behind the front, high pressure will build back into the area… so we’re back to sunshine and dry conditions for the rest of the week.  Highs will be near-normal, in the lower 80s.  Pleasantly warm, with comfortable levels of humidity.

All eyes continue to be on Tropical Storm Isaac… now forecast to make landfall along the Louisiana coast.

This is NOT a good scenario for New Orleans… lots of flooding is expected as this affects the area.  As the remnants of Isaac then lift northward, we could see some rain here.  Right now the timing looks to be for the weekend, with rain possible both Saturday and Sunday… and it COULD linger in the area through Labor Day.  It is still a long way off, however, and things could change… so stay tuned to the forecast for the latest.  It would be wonderful to get that rain, as we need it… but not good timing with the “last weekend of summer” and all the outdoor events planned.

Half marathon training update:  I was SO dreading my long run over the weekend!  So much so, that I was supposed to do it Saturday… but I didn’t.  I held off until Sunday morning.  The previous long run I did left me feeling not-so-great afterwards, so I was not looking forward to feeling that way again.  Good news:  I didn’t!  I think I have finally learned how much I really have to PREPARE for these long runs.  I started drinking tons of water the night before, in an effort to be super-hydrated.  When I woke up Sunday morning, I continued drinking water and even had a sports drink before I left the house.  A light breakfast of a banana and some Advil… and I was off!  The run was pretty easy for me–I didn’t feel any pain or even get sluggish, which was awesome!  I walked a lot LESS than the previous long run, too.  I was able to stop at a drinking fountain to get re-hydrated at about mile six.  And I finished with 11.7 miles.  YEAH!!  ( you know you’ve run a REALLY long time when your Pandora station stops playing music and a box pops up  that says “cannot fetch any more songs for this station”… lol)  Anyway, I felt great after the run… not too tired or sore, and went on with the day with no issues :)   One more long run before the actual half-marathon.  So pumped!!


Summer isn’t over yet…

August 24th, 2012 at 8:41 am by under Weather

Even though school is in session, and high school football is getting underway… it is still summer!  And Mother Nature is not letting us forget that.  Today will be another unseasonably warm day, as we climb up near 90-degrees this afternoon.  We will be there again Saturday AND Sunday, as we get some good pool weather for one of the last weekends the pool is open!  The quiet weather is thanks to this large and slow-moving area of high pressure that has been with us for days:

The next change in weather comes as a cold front approaches early next week.  Scattered showers and thunderstorms could affect us by Sunday night… and the chance will then linger into Monday:

It’s not going to rain that whole time, but we can expect some activity through that time frame.  Just an FYI, the National Weather Service in Wilmington is in the process of upgrading their radar to Dual Pol!  This is a very exciting process, and will bring about MUCH more accurate now-casting and storm tracking in the near future.   Dual-polarization technology will give the radar the ability to collect data on the horizontal and vertical properties of weather (e.g., rain, hail).  This will provide more accurate precipitation estimates… will help to better depict the hail zone of a storm (and hail size)… and help to better determine precip type during winter storms.  Dual Pol can also provide  tornadic debris detection… with “debris balls” visible on radar when tracking a tornado.  Wow!  So much to be excited about with this new technology!!

SO… on Monday when we do have rain in the area, the Wilmington radar will be down.  But there is another option… the TDWR (Terminal Doppler Weather Radar) located at the Dayton International Airport.  :)   Behind this front, temperatures will cool off a bit… and much of next week looks to be near-normal temperature wise.  Highs in the lower 80s… lows near 60-degrees.

All eyes are on Tropical Storm Isaac, which will be impacting Hispaniola and Cuba over the next 24-hours.  The storm is forecast to brush the Florida Keys early Monday before continuing on through the Gulf of Mexico.  This is where it could strengthen into a hurricane before making landfall.  Right now, the forecast path takes it into the Florida panhandle–near Mobile, AL:

But you can see the “cone of uncertainty” which illustrates that landfall could actually be anywhere between New Orleans and Tallahassee.  We’ll continue to monitor this storm, and you can also keep tabs over the weekend here: WDTN Tropical Page.  The remnants of Isaac still could affect OUR area towards the end of next week… stay tuned.

Enjoy your WEEKEND!!


Warming even more for the weekend…

August 23rd, 2012 at 7:44 am by under Weather

High pressure at the surface is bringing about another cool, clear and calm morning.  We’ve dipped into the 50s in most of the Miami Valley, and it’s another really nice start to the day:

This, of course, also means plenty of sunshine is on tap for the afternoon again.  As we’ve been talking about… a warming trend continues for the area.  Yesterday we reached 84-degrees, officially, and today will be just a touch warmer.  I’m forecasting 86 for this afternoon… 88 tomorrow and 90 for Saturday and Sunday.  It’s one of the last weekends for pools to be open, and the weather will be great for you to soak up every last bit of summer.

BUT at this time of year, we also have fall-ish activities going on already… FOOTBALL!!  Tomorrow Operation Football gets kicked of on WDTN, Channel 2.  We are all so excited for a new season of high school football.  While the games will start a little warm, it will be quite comfortable once the sun sets:

I cannot WAIT to head out to my old alma mater for the big game… the Alter-Fairmont game!!  I went to Fairmont, and grew up near Alter… so I had tons of Alter friends.  This was always such a fun rivalry… even if it wasn’t much of a rivalry ON the field.  ;)   Still, GO FIREBIRDS!!  So who’s your team??

The next chance of rain is not until Monday… that’s when a cold front will move through the area.  Right now, it doesn’t even look like everyone will see it… scattered showers, maybe some thunder… will be the rule.  Behind the front, we look to cool off… but there is still some question as to what Isaac will do.  Right now, it’s still a tropical storm… but is forecast to become a hurricane before affecting the US.  Here is the latest forecast path:

We’ll keep you posted!


Pleasantly warm today, but summer makes a come-back soon…

August 22nd, 2012 at 7:46 am by under Weather

We’ve had some nice cooler weather lately, with below-nromal temperatures for about five days now.  The monthly average temperature is 72.2 degrees, which is almost one-degree below normal for the month.  Today, we have another nice cool morning in the works, with clear skies and  50s in place:

It feels quite refreshing… perfect weather to head out for an early walk or run before work!  And you may just keep the windows down on the drive into work, too.  Why not enjoy lunch out on the patio?  Lunchtime temps will be delightful–in the mid-70s.  As you head home later this afternoon, it will feel a bit warm.  Highs will be a touch warmer than yesterday, but still near-normal, in the lower-80s.  Then, a warming trend sets in for the rest of the week.  This will be a return to reality–especially for students who started school so early this year.  Mother Nature helped it be a little more bearable with those cooler temps… but for Thursday & Friday, it’s back to late-August weather.  Hot and even feeling a bit more humid.

As for rain, well… the chance is slim.  Yesterday, some lucky spots picked up some rain… but many did not.  Here are Doppler estimates for the past 24-hours:

Now, with high pressure in control, we should stay dry right through the upcoming weekend.  So you’ll probably need to break out the hose again, if you want to keep things looking green!

In the tropics… for the first time all season, it seems we COULD have a hurricane impact the United States.  Tropical Storm Isaac is getting more organized as it approaches the Caribbean.  The latest NHC forecast path brings this storm near Florida by Monday… as a hurricane:

So we’ll continue to watch it and keep you posted on US impact.

Half-marathon training update:  Well, I made it.  I ran 11 miles last Thursday.  Eleven miles!! Did I mention I am not a distance runner?  lol.  The run went well… I felt pretty good until about mile nine.  Then I started feeling really tired, and some of my joints started aching a bit.  I realized after the run that I forgot to take ibuprofen before the run–which I usually do before a long one.  So that may have been why I felt a bit more achy.   As for why I felt a tired, even after a good night’s sleep… my previous long run was Sunday, so maybe… maybe I didn’t have enough recovery time.  I’m not sure if that could really be it, though, as this is all new to me!!  :)   After that distance run, I needed a *couple* days to recover, so I did NO running Friday and Saturday.  I did go five miles Sunday, and 3.5 both Monday and yesterday.  Yesterday felt the best, even as I was pushing my little guy in the jogging stroller!  :)    Today is an off day… might do another short run this week, with the long run coming over the weekend.  GREAT, just in time for the hot & humid weather… ugh!


Rain possible today but nice rest of week

August 21st, 2012 at 6:43 am by under Weather

We started out Tuesday morning with a few showers across the Miami Valley.  Many locations picked up around a tenth of an inch of rain however northern sections especially around Bellefountaine got a little more.  We’re going to see another chance of showers and even thundershowers later today.  The good news is we will not see any risk of severe weather!

The scattered morning showers is producing a lot of cloud cover this morning but that will slide eastward and allow some sunshine to break through this afternoon.  That sunshine will help heat up the atmosphere and produce another round of scattered showers and even a few thunderstorms as well.  Here’s a look at our Futuretrac computer model.

Once we get through today’s chance of rain it will be dry and a bit warmer for the rest of the week.  A large area of high pressure will build across the Miami Valley and keep us high and dry with lots of sunshine for Wednesday and Thursday.

Temperatures will gradually rise later this week and will eventually top off in the middle and even upper 80′s for the end of the week.  Night time lows will also rise as well into the lower 60′s.  It looks like summer isn’t finished with the Miami Valley just yet :)


Wonderful Weekend

August 17th, 2012 at 8:33 am by under Weather

Today we’re starting out with a lot of cloud cover and a few scattered showers.  We’ll see the showers come to an end and the clouds break up by the lunch hour.  Skies will be mostly sunny as we end out the day.

The showers are on the light side.  We could always use more rain but the good news is the drought monitor came out yesterday.  The new map shows that conditions are improving across the Miami Valley.  While most of the area is under a moderate drought most of the northern sections are seeing some improvement.

Rain chances will be low over the next 7 days.  High pressure builds across the area for the weekend and temperatures will fall into lower 70′s.

Look for lots of sunshine all weekend with those temperatures in the lower 70′s.  The reason our temperatures are taking a dip is because our jet stream or storm track will dive farther southward over the Great Lakes.

Enjoy the weekend!  Temperatures will begin to climb as we head into the new work week.


Dry today but rain is on the way

August 16th, 2012 at 6:32 am by under Weather

Yesterday I spent the day in Germantown at the Metropark looking for fossils.  I had a blast!  I didn’t realize I would have so much fun doing a story but not only did I have fun I also learned something as well.  Many of you have asked where I was.  We found these fossils along the base of the Germantown Dam at the Germantown Metropark.  We parked near the bottom of the dam and crossed the small creek to get to the other side.  So if you don’t want to walk through the water you can park on the other side of the dam and walk over.  If you missed the story check it out online here.

While I was outside searching for fossils it felt hot in the sun!  However when I got back and found out the high yesterday was only 84 I was surprised because I thought temperatures would’ve been much higher.  Today they’ll be in the upper 80′s and with lots of sunshine for the first half of the day it will feel warm.

Notice today in Chicago temperatures will be much cooler than here in Ohio.  That’s because a cold front will move through Chicago today and head for the Miami Valley later tonight.  The cold front is already producing stronger storms in Iowa this morning.  This line of storms will eventually hit the Miami Valley after 8pm.

Here’s a look at how much rain we may see.

I don’t anticipate a wide spread severe weather outbreak however there is a slight  chance some of the storms when they move in later tonight may be on the stronger side.

The Storm Prediction Center does have part of the Miami Valley in an elevated risk of severe weather.

After the cold front moves through temperatures will fall into the middle 70′s for the weekend.  Ahhhhhh :)


A little warm-up… then a big cool-down!

August 15th, 2012 at 8:26 am by under Weather

High pressure right over us this morning brought clearing skies early on… and with light winds and low level moisture, we did see some fog across the region.  Here are a few pictures from the area:

Light fog in Spring Valley Township… by @izzi5150


Fog is a bit thicker up in Logan County!  This is near St Rt st 508 & 68… by @sherrylynn1969


And in New Carlisle, @Michael_McD1983 described it as “pea soup”.  If you ever have weather photos to share, you can send them to me on Twitter (@WDTN_Jamie) or use the Report It feature on the 2 News App.

After this fog burns off, we’ll see a lot of sunshine today, and pleasantly warm temperatures.  Highs will be near-normal, in the lower 80s, with comfortable levels of humidity.  As the high shifts east on Thursday, we will be even warmer, as we climb into the mid and upper 80s across the area.  Most of Thursday looks dry, but a cold front will be approaching in the evening, increasing the chance of rain:

The best chance for thunderstorms will be overnight into early Friday morning.  As these storms approach from the northwest, depending on exact timing, they could initially be on the strong side:

They will tend to weaken as we head into the early morning hours of Friday… and then fire again as they move east of the area Friday afternoon.  Behind this unseasonably strong cold front, we really cool off for the upcoming weekend.  Mid 70s for highs on Friday… lower 70s for highs on Saturday!  Morning lows will be in the lower to mid 50s… nice and refreshing!

Half-marathon training update… So I did try to do a short run yesterday, and succeeded… partly. :)   I got about a mile in before I had to pick up my kids, but that’s where I ran into problems.  My almost-five-year-old is getting a little too “old” for the jogging stroller!  She tends to think of it as a thing for “babies”… so I have to do a lot of coaxing and even a bit of bribing to get her in it.  Yesterday, I actually gave her a chance to run home with me, while I pushed my little guy.  She did pretty good!  She rain quite a bit of the way, but of course not ALL of the way.  So I ended up with a 2.2 run/walk on my hands.  Today is an off day but I am actually going to run a LONG run tomorrow!!  I think I’m crazy, as it will be muggy and a bit warmer… but hey, I gotta do it when I get the chance.  I start a vacation tomorrow, so I will have extra time in the morning.  This weekend is a busy one, and I can’t guarantee that I’ll be able to commit the time.  SO… we’ll see how it goes… wish me luck :)

Tara will be with you through Tuesday of next week!  I hope you have a wonderful weekend!


Few showers, lots of clouds

August 14th, 2012 at 7:56 am by under Weather

A storm system moving in from the west is bringing a few showers to the area this morning.  Not everyone gets to see rain, however… it has been mainly confined to our northern counties.  We will continue at least a chance of showers through lunch, and as the storm passes east of us the rain chances end for the later afternoon.  Then, high pressure builds in for the middle part of the week:


Not only will this bring the return of sunshine to the area, but also pleasantly warm temperatures.  We will see highs near-normal, in the lower 80s with comfortable levels of humidity.  It will get a little toasty on Thursday–the warmest day of the week–with highs in the mid to upper 80s.  This happens ahead of a cold front.  Most of Thursday will be dry, with a slight chance of a shower or thunderstorm by evening.  But rain chances really increase Thursday night and into Friday morning as the front approaches.  Scattered showers and thunderstorms will be likely at this time, and some of them could be on the strong side.  It’s still a long way out, but the Storm Prediction Center does have us on the edge of an Elevated Risk for severe weather:

We will keep an eye on it.  This is an unseasonably strong cold front, and will once again drop temperatures for the weekend–another taste of Fall!  Highs Saturday will be in the lower 70s, with morning temps on Sunday as cool as 50-degrees!  That will feel a little, dare I say it, chilly!

No half-training update today, as I took yesterday as a rest day after the 10.4 miles I ran on Sunday.  I hope to get a few miles in today, and I will likely be pushing a heavy load… two kids in a double-baby-jogger!  Wish me luck :)   Speaking of kids, my two-year-old, who has been a late-talker, said his first two-word sentence this morning.  “Momma works!” SO cute, but I kind of have mixed feelings about it if you know what I mean.  Nothing like giving momma a guilt trip for being a working mom!  Sigh.


Not your typical mid-August week…

August 13th, 2012 at 8:12 am by under Weather

We are starting off… nice this morning, with temperatures in the 60s and comfortable levels of humidity.  We have, however, had a few sprinkles and light showers moving through.  Nothing significant, but don’t be surprised to see a few rain drops early on today.  I think I counted six on my windshield on my way into work very early this morning :)

There is a weakening area of showers (and previously, thunderstorms) moving through Indiana.  If this holds together, our western counties especially will stand a chance of a few spotty showers after 9am or so:

The rest of us will see an increasing chance of a spotty shower or thunderstorm this afternoon… but most locations won’t see any at all.  Rain becomes MOST likely overnight and into early Tuesday.  Futuretrac shows this, as a storm system moves right over the area:

Most of this week, humidity will stay in check.  It won’t be too hot or humid, and we have the chance of spotty showers a few times.  Not what you typically think we should see this time of year!  And, in fact, another taste of Fall is on the way for next weekend!

The weekend was GREAT… started off very Fall-like Friday and Saturday… and then warmed a bit on Sunday.  We took the family to the Germanfest Picnic Saturday, as we do every year!  I was very happy to emcee the Bavarian Fashion Show… with all of the GREAT German costumes, or trachten.  Here are some pics of the fun!

Me (in Karrie Rossmiller’s dirndle–straight from Austria!)… and my daughter.  She had SO much fun dancing to the German music!


Me with the Bavarian fashion show cast!  Amazing group of people with beautiful trachten, as always! :)


Me with Jake–one of my friends from high school!  He is a member of Dayton Liederkranz Turner, and also a German teacher at CJ.  I think his students are luck to have such an authentic teacher :)

Half marathon training update… I went for a quick 3.5 mile run to end last week, and then had a rest day on Saturday.  It was perfect planning, because we were super busy with morning swimming lessons for my daughter, and the Germanfest Picnic in the afternoon.  The long run happened Sunday morning.  Because of the cool morning (low was 54-degrees!), I was able to hold off until 9am to head out, as temps were still nice & comfy!  It was sunny, though, and I definitely hit that sunglare on my east-running streets.  It still amazes me how far 10 miles is, when running.  Not that it FEELS all that long, but just the distance covered… wow!  :)   I felt good the whole run… no back pain at all.  Just a little tightness in my knees, which I was able to work out with lunges during brief stops at stoplights.  I am trying to get over the mentality that I have to run the whole thing… and trying to add a couple minutes of walking from time to time.  I walked a bit at mile six… when I hit the drinking fountain at a local park… and again at mile 9, when I hit a rather large hill.  What was I thinking planning a hill at the end of my course?!  LOL. I guess it’s good training, as I hear rumors of an incline around that same mile in the Air Force Half.  But I did have to walk half of that hill yesterday.  I ended up completing 10.4 miles, my longest yet!  Very happy about how I felt, and my time was even ok… NOT that I really have a goal time for this race… I just want to finish!! :)

Have a great day!

Fall-like today & Saturday…

August 10th, 2012 at 8:00 am by under Weather

We had a handful of severe thunderstorms yesterday evening, but during the overnight hours, the severe threat diminished and thunderstorms tapered to a nice  steady rain.  Many spots got a good soaking out of this!  Here are the Doppler estimates from this event:

We can’t rule out a few spotty showers today as the storm system moves through… even a rumble or two of thunder (especially east)… but we’ll also see a lot of dry weather.  This morning, we start off with some mist and fog, and it does still feel humid.  BUT during the afternoon, our winds will shift in from the northwest and increase… helping to pump in that cooler air.  Check out morning temps in the 50s to our NW… that is the air that is heading our way!

Highs today will be in the lower 70s, and then we’ll drop back into the 60s this evening, if you’re heading out on the town!  The Germanfest Picnic will certainly have a fall feel to it, as Bucher gets the fun kicked off this evening:

There is a very low chance of a spotty shower there both today and tomorrow, but it should be mostly dry.  Sunday the sun comes back out and we’ll warm back up… close to 80-degrees.

Half marathon training… after taking most of the week off due to a cartwheel injury :) I did get a run in yesterday.  I went out carefully, as I was still feeling some dull back pain.  If I moved the wrong way, the pain actually increased… so I tried not to swing my arms too much.  Surprisingly, after that 3.3 mile run, my back felt a LOT better for the rest of the day!  I love it!  I will probably try another 3.5 today, take a break Saturday, and do the longer run on Sunday.  That’s the plan anyway :)   Great news is that the weather looks IDEAL for a run Sunday morning.  Another thing going on Sunday morning, that you might want to try to catch is the Perseids Meteor Shower!  This will peak Saturday through Monday.  While we will see lots of clouds tonight… it does look like we’ll clear out a bit Saturday night for decent viewing.  Here’s more on the shower:  PERSEIDS

Have a great weekend!


Active weather for the second half of the week and a Fall preview…

August 9th, 2012 at 8:01 am by under Weather

Overnight thunderstorms may have given you an early wake-up call… or maybe you’re getting up late this morning because they knocked out your power!  Either way, they are ongoing across the area.  Stay up to date on exactly where they are by checking in with LIVE Doppler 2HD.  Scattered thunderstorms will actually be possible at any time today, but the best chances are this morning… and then again during the later afternoon and evening hours.  Any thunderstorm that develops today will have the potential to become strong to severe, and we remain in an Elevated Risk for severe weather:

Damaging winds will be the main threat, but hail is also possible.  Frequent lightning and very heavy rain will also be common today… it looks quite unsettled as a storm system moves right over the Miami Valley:

We will keep you posted of any watches or warnings in the area on WDTN and at

Thunderstorms will continue overnight into early Friday.  The trend will be to then dry out behind the system, but with wrap-around moisture and cooler air moving in, we can’t rule out a spotty shower or two late Friday and even through the day on Saturday.  Yes, I said cooler air!  Highs will be in the lower 70s Friday… running about 10-degrees below normal.  That’s something we haven’t seen much of all summer!  It will definitely feel like fall at the Germanfest Picnic Friday evening!  The more comfortable weather lasts into the weekend, too:

Remember, Bucher will be there Friday to kick off the fun, and I will be emcee for the fashion show on Saturday.  Holly says she’ll stop by sometime, too… and I’m guessing Brian Davis will be there for a bit, to celebrate his German heritage!  If you see one of us be sure to say hello!

I took another day off from running yesterday as my back continues to heal.  It is feeling better, but certain moves I make do still result in a twinge of pain.  Hopefully things are all better by the weekend.  I did attend Kettering’s Holiday at Home Kick-Off Reception yesterday evening.  I am on the planning committee for Holiday at Home… the BEST weekend in Kettering!  If you’ve never been, it’s quite the event on the Sunday & Monday of Labor Day weekend.  You can get more information on what we have to offer on the Holiday at Home page.  Here are some pictures from last night’s event!

Dancing kicks off the Holiday at Home Puts on the Glitz theme!

City/school officials with Don Parker, our Grand Marshal

Planning committee and guests enjoy the reception

King, Queen and the Court along with Poster Contest winners

See you in Kettering on Labor Day!

One more hot day, then some rain and BIG temperature changes…

August 8th, 2012 at 7:32 am by under Weather

Temperatures are a bit higher this morning, and that trend will continue across the board today.  We should make it up near 90-degrees.  Humidity will also be on the rise, and with the increase in moisture and a cold front dropping in… we’ll become partly sunny this afternoon.  Not quite the crystal clear blue sky we have seen the past two days!  We could even see an isolated shower or thunderstorm, as Futuretrac shows:

A better chance of rain will be Thursday afternoon through Friday morning, as an area of low pressure moves across the region.  There could be a decent soaking for many spots with this system, but the threat of severe weather is also there.  Our area is still included in an Elevated risk for strong storms:

Damaging winds and hail will be the main threats, and we will continue to watch this.  The best chance of severe weather will be Thursday afternoon and evening.

Behind this storm system MUCH cooler air will move in for Friday and the weekend.  After a little morning rain on Friday, we’ll dry out for the afternoon and it will feel like Fall!  Temps will be running about 10-degrees below normal here both Friday & Saturday:

This is fabulous news for the Germanfest Picnic going on this weekend at Carollon Park!  I have emceed the fashion show for the past five years or so… and it is usually HOT!!  Especially for all the people wearing the traditional Bavarian clothing.  But this year will be so nice… I cannot wait!  There is a slight chance of a lingering light shower on Saturday, and we’ll still see lots of clouds… but highs in the 70s can’t be beat!  Jim Bucher kicks off the fun on Friday, and I will be there for the fashion show Saturday afternoon.  The party continues on Sunday… and the weather will still be great!

So I took yesterday off from running because of my cartwheel-induced back injury :)   Bonus, though, I got some housework done!  I may sit out again today, but hope to get at least one more run in this week before an attempt at another longer run over the weekend.  I just hope I have time this weekend–we have a LOT going on!!

Have a good one!

Warming through mid-week… then some rain

August 7th, 2012 at 7:34 am by under Weather

High pressure right over Ohio is bringing us another great morning!  Clear skies, light winds, low humidity and temperatures in the upper 50s and lower 60s to start the day.  This afternoon will still be nice, featuring a bright blue sky… and a UV Index of 8 (very high on the scale).  Temperatures will be similar to yesterday, although a little bit warmer… with highs in the upper 80s.  Humidity stays at a comfortable level today, but will increase a bit on Wednesday.  With that slight increase in moisture will come a few more afternoon clouds and a low chance of a pop-up shower or thunderstorm in the afternoon.  A better chance of rain comes Thursday and Friday, as an upper low drops into the Great Lakes.  A front will be south of us, and a wave of low pressure is expected to move along that… bringing us likely showers and thunderstorms.  Right now, the Storm Prediction Center does have us in an Elevated Risk for severe thunderstorms Thursday afternoon and evening:

The main threat looks to be damaging winds… with some hail also possible.  We will keep you posted.

Half marathon training update… well, I did it.  After running 4 out of 5 days last week (3.5 miles each day)… I took Friday off and did my long run on Saturday.  I was hoping to run 8 or 9 miles… I ran 9.5!!  I actually felt really good during the run!  Normally, I hit a wall around 5 miles or so, but I did not feel that at all on Saturday.  In fact, I was so close to just continuing the run beyond what I did… but we had a lot going on that day with out-of-town visitors, and I didn’t want to take up any more of my time with them.  Immediately after the run, I felt ok… it wasn’t until an hour or two after the workout that I really started to feel it.  I think I was dehydrated, and got really tired… so lots of water and a nap really helped me out. It is crazy how one workout can take so much out of you… I don’t know how those that run the FULL marathon do it!!  On my jog, I did see runners training for just that.  It was Team in Training… and I saw them at their mile 12; they passed me up, and I was only on mile six, lol.

I took Sunday easy, and just did a walk… and then back up to a 3.5 mile run yesterday.  Things felt slow, but went well, in actuality.  Then, the  injury.  No, not a running injury… a cartwheel injury!  My 4 year old daughter asked mom to show her how a cartwheel looks… and mom obliged.  The first one was fine… it was the second cartwheel that pinched a nerve in my back.  I felt the twinge of pain the second it happened and even said, “I just hurt my back!”.  But it felt ok the rest of the evening… then I woke up today with the pain.  I’ve gotten this same injury twice before–once in college doing a back exercise at the gym, and once when my daughter was a baby.  I can’t remember how I hurt it that second time, but I do remember I couldn’t carry her for several days.  But each time, the injury healed… it just took rest.  I think when you’re training… illness and injury are the most FRUSTRATING things because mentally you feel like you should be able to do anything.  But sometimes your body just can’t keep up.