October, 2012

Left-over candy… left-over Sandy…

October 31st, 2012 at 8:41 am by under Weather

We have one more day to deal with the remnants of Sandy… but many more days with that left-over Halloween candy!  Many local communities had Trick-or-Treat yesterday… and let me tell you first-hand… it was pretty miserable being out and about in Kettering!  Thankfully it was all worth it to see how excited the kids were!!  I went around with my 4 year old Rapunzel… and 2 year old firefighter:

Funny story: he kept saying he wanted to be a witch… but Dad wasn’t too keen on that costume. Sooo I got him the fireman outfit & as it was black… he actually *thought* he was a witch!  Boy is he going to be confused when we take him to the next Touch-a-Truck, lol.

Anyway, today is our last day with Sandy.  Clouds, a breeze and on & off showers will continue in the northwest flow behind the system:

Trick-or-Treat will not be great again tonight… so kids will either need jackets or lots of layers under the costumes.  We tried layers yesterday, but ended up putting the jacket over the princess costume after 10-minutes.  :)   Tomorrow, the storm finally pulls away and we will see improving weather!  After a slight chance of a few morning showers, the sun should come out in the afternoon.  It will still be cool with a breeze and highs in the upper 40s.  Then, 50s are in the forecast for Friday and the weekend!

Stay safe if you’re heading out tonight!

Oh Sandy… storm hangs around here for another couple days

October 30th, 2012 at 8:59 am by under Weather

SNOW!!  Yes, snow… we started the day with accumulating snow in parts of the Miami Valley.  Most spots will see an inch or less… but some isolated locations are picking up bit more.  A storm spotter up in Bellefontaine (Logan Co) reported 3-inches of snow accumulation.  Of course, this is the highest spot in Ohio… but still!  ;)   In southern Logan County, there was some light accumulation… thanks to Sherry for sending in this photo:

And here’s a tour around some other local cities:




The snow and/or wintry mix out there this morning will gradually change over to rain as we head into the afternoon.  Winds will continue to be extremely gusty today… sustained 20-20mph, and gusting as high as 55mph.  A wind advisory is in effect for all of the Miami Valley through 6pm.  Really just miserable weather conditions, as it will also be chilly.  A cold, windy rain… bleh!  Here’s a look at temperature (on top) and wind chill (lower numbers) as we head through the day:

Not the best of conditions for Trick-or-Treaters this evening… and it doesn’t look MUCH better for those communities who have Beggars night on Wednesday.  Just take a look at the SIZE of this storm.  It is amazing to me that what was once a hurricane is now bringing us SNOW… mind-boggling!

I’m sure you’ve all seen the horrible images from the East Coast… storm surge, flooding, communities under water.  Blizzard conditions in parts of West Virginia… power outages exceeding 8-million.  So we really do have it pretty easy here, compared to other spots getting the brunt of Sandy.

And as we head into Thursday we will finally see improving weather!  As Sandy begins to move away, clouds will even break a bit in the afternoon, and we should see some sunshine!  Highs will also be warmer–in the upper 40s, and we’ll be right up near 50 on Friday.  Hang in there!


Strong winds thanks to Hurricane Sandy

October 29th, 2012 at 7:41 am by under Weather

Hurricane Sandy is still a category one storm and hasn’t even made landfall yet but it’s effects are being felt all along the east coast.   Sandy is one large storm and it’s cloud shield is around 900 miles wide.

At 2am Monday the winds were at 75 miles per hour however the newest advisory has the winds now at 86 mph.

Preparations are underway and evacuations have already been set for the east coast.  Public transportation is closed in New Jersey and New York, Wall Street is closed, so are schools and of course MANY flights are cancelled.

There are so many issues with this storm: Strong winds, high waves, heavy rain and heavy snow.  Some of these will occur along the east coast but also here.  Here’s a look at all the watches/warnings including a Blizzard Warning for West Virginia.

For us in the Miami Valley I think our main concern is going to be the strong winds.   Winds will be sustained 20-30 mph today with gusts as high as 45-50 mph.  The National Weather Service has issued a High Wind Warning and Wind Advisory for all of the Miami Valley until Tuesday at 6pm.  It might be a good idea to bring those Halloween decorations, secure lawn furniture and it might be a good idea to take down the flags.

Here’s how things will break down over the next 24 hours:

Today winds will whip at 45-50 mph at times.  With highs only in the middle to lower 40′s wind chill values will stay in the 30′s so be sure to dress for temperatures cooler than the thermometer shows.

Later tonight the winds stay strong but cooler air moves in and this may change our rain over to snow.   I don’t think we’ll see much accumulation at all and there are a few reason’s why.  First our ground is still very warm thanks to above normal temperatures the last week.  Some of the snow may start to stick on grassy surfaces but once warmer air moves back in the precipitation will quickly change over to snow.  So there will only be a short window of snow that will fall.

Winds will still be strong through Tuesday afternoon and temperatures will stay in the lower 40′s for Tuesday.  Expect a raw, windy, rainy and chilly day Tuesday.

As always if you have weather photos of snow or strong winds we would love to share them with our viewers.  Use the reportit feature on our website or your mobile device.  Be safe and stay warm!

Chilly and pesky winds – Sandy’s impact

October 27th, 2012 at 6:47 pm by under Weather

Wow what a difference those cooler temperatures and winds have made across the Miami Valley!  Temperatures have dropped below normal and with the strong winds from the north it really puts a bite in the air.  The chilly temperatures and winds will continue for the rest of the weekend.  The winds will even increase on Monday and Tuesday – more on that in a minute.

Here’s a look at today’s high.  Keep in mind most of last week we were feeling temperatures 10-20 degrees above normal and now they are running below normal.

These below normal temperatures were ushered in by brisk northerly winds.  For most of the day we had winds sustained at 10-20 mph but at times they gusted a bit higher.  Here’s a look at some of the peak wind gusts today.

Low temperatures at night will continue to be in the 30′s and highs even with some sunshine Sunday will stay in the middle to upper 40′s.

Hurricane Sandy is now a category one hurricane (as of 5pm Saturday) and is getting ready to head north along the east coast.  The issue at hand is that this storm isn’t going to be just a hurricane – it’s going to combine with an upper level disturbance which will bring cold air into the storm.  This means it’s going to strengthen, produce strong winds, heavy rain and heavy snow in some locations.

Here’s Sandy’s latest path from the National Hurricane Center

Notice there is a large cone of uncertainty from northern Virgina to New Jersey – this is the possible landfall Sandy may make.  Many of the computer models that meteorologists use to forecast the fluids of the atmosphere are in agreement in the short term.  However in the long term they still show some uncertainty  not only on placement but timing.

Despite where Sandy may end up along the east coast it will have some sort of impact on us here in the Miami Valley.   Once the low pressure area moves onshore it will strengthen and interact with a feature in the upper levels of the atmosphere.  My main concern will be wind gusts from the storm Monday.   Winds will be out of the north and northwest sustained at 20-30 mph with gusts near 40 and could even reach 45 mph.

Both the cloud deck and precipitation will sharply cut-off right here in western Ohio.  So that means some of you here in the western Miami Valley may not see the same weather conditions as the eastern half.  I do expect most of us to see mostly cloudy skies by late Monday.  The eastern half will see some rain late in the evening and it may switch over to snow.  (Yes I said the snow word)  I do want to say though that we have several things to consider.   The ground is still warm due to our above normal temperatures so accumulation chances are low.  Also if snow would fall it would be during the night Monday and early Tuesday morning.  By late morning Tuesday I expect warmer air to move in which means any snow would turn over to rain.

Now all of this is likely to change once we get a little closer to the event.  Our computer models should have a better solution on where exactly Sandy will go.  So stay tuned to the weather blog and the weather section at WDTN.com.

Here’s a recap as how things look right now as always they may change:
Monday:   Partly to mostly cloudy – WINDY gusts near 40mph – eastern counties may see some rain/snow at night.  Ground is still warm so accumulations will be minimal
Tuesday: Cloudy, some snow mixing with rain early otherwise rain and still VERY windy.  Again snow accumulations minimal.


Back to normal..even below normal

October 26th, 2012 at 8:24 am by under Weather

Well hopefully you got out and enjoyed the wonderful weather yesterday because the unseasonably warm temperatures are gone.

Todd Roberts grabbed his camera while he was out yesterday and sent us this photo from Richmond, IN.

A cold front moved through the Miami Valley this morning and really dropped our temperatures, switched our winds and will bring us some rain later today.

Here’s a look at the 12 hour temperature change.  Notice you  can really see when the cold front moved through at 4/5am.

When the cold front was to the west of us we saw winds out of the southwest and now that the front has moved through the winds have shifted to the northwest.  They’ll gust at times to near 20mph throughout the day.

We’ve already seen our high temperatures for the day.  Temperatures will continue to fall into the 40′s for the afternoon.  We’ll also see the chance for showers to develop as well.  Grab the heavier jacket this morning and the umbrella.  It will *feel* much cooler when you come home this afternoon.   Be prepared for tonight’s high school football games!  It will be chilly and there’s a chance for a few showers.

The cooler air is here to stay for the weekend.  After several days with highs 10-20 degrees above normal, we’ll see highs several degrees below normal for at least the next 7 days.   There’s a slight chance for a few showers early Saturday morning but once the rain ends we’ll break into some sunshine for the afternoon.  It will still be on the cooler side though.

After the weekend our attention turns to the strong storm that’s going to develop along the east coast.  Hurricane Sandy is expected to work northward along the east coast and tap into some cooler air.  This will allow the storm to strengthen and produce strong winds and  heavy precipitation.  It may even impact our weather late next week.


Because of the serious impacts from this system the National Weather Service offices from coast to coast have been asked to do two extra balloon launches per day.    This is the first time this has been done.  The idea is to get a better sampling of the current state of the atmosphere in order to improve model verification.

Have a great weekend!

We await the front–rain, wind and cold to follow

October 25th, 2012 at 8:22 am by under Weather

We are starting off a little cooler this morning, with most spots in the lower and mid 50s… but the afternoon looks equally as warm–if not warmer.  Sunshine, and a southerly breeze combine to push us into the upper 70s close to 80 again.  The record high for today is 83-degrees… so it looks like we’ll be just shy of that, as we are forecasting 78.  Still, this is 17-degrees above normal!!

The evening looks wonderful for Trick-or-Treaters up in Sidney!

Kids in Shelby County are lucky to have their Beggars Night tonight, as things won’t be as nice beyond this!  Tonight, clouds will be on the increase, as a cold front approaches the area… and it’s quite the cold front!  I probably don’t need to draw it on the temperature map below… I’m pretty sure you’ll be able to pick it out:

So that arrives with some post-frontal rain on Friday.  It will likely start in the northwestern counties during the morning hours:

… and spread into Montgomery County by the time lunch rolls around.  Yes, this means wet conditions for Friday night football games, unfortunately.  And not just wet but also breezy and colder.  The showers will linger into early Saturday, but we’ll dry out for the afternoon and evening hours.  Sunday looks dry… but the big story over the weekend will be the COLD air in place.  Highs by Sunday will only be in the upper 40s, with lows dipping into the 30s.  Brrrr!

Yesterday I mentioned Sandy, and how this storm could impact our area here.  This is still something we have to watch for next week.  Here are the currents on Sandy… now a Category 2 hurricane:

Sandy is forecast to move through the Atlantic, along the East Coast, over the weekend.  Next week, Tuesday/Wednesday-ish… models have it retrograding (moving west) towards us here in Ohio:

Still a loooong way off, but right now it looks like clouds and wind are a good bet for us… precip chances still in question.  You will likely be hearing a LOT about Sandy as we head through the next week or so.


Two more warm days before the bottom drops out

October 24th, 2012 at 7:56 am by under Weather

What a NICE morning here in the Miami Valley!  We had scattered showers overnight & early this AM… but they’ve moved out of the region, and the rest of the day looks fantastic!  Here are the 24-hour rainfall estimates… northern counties picked up the most rain, as expected:

Now we enjoy some REALLY nice weather before some end-of-the-week changes.  Today the sun will return and with a southerly breeze, we’ll shoot into the upper 70s for highs.  Mostly sunny and right back up near 80 on Thursday, too.  THEN a cold front arrives on Friday:

The front’s timing is highly dependent on Sandy and the path the storm takes.  Today, Sandy is trending a little farther from the east coast, which would put the cold front here a little sooner.  Rain chances will start in the northwest Friday afternoon and continue to spread southeast through the evening.  Rain is likely Friday night into Saturday as temperatures d.r.o.p.  Here is the trend for the weekend:

New Carlisle has Trick-or-Treat on Saturday evening… and it’s going to be chilly!  That colder air will even linger into next week, so most of us will need some layers under the costumes.  Here is a full list of Trick-or-Treat days and times:  TRICK OR TREAT

Enjoy the warmth while you can! :)


Breezy warm and a little unsettled

October 23rd, 2012 at 8:05 am by under Weather

We are starting the day with some scattered showers; even a few thunderstorms have moved across the Miami Valley this morning.  Springfield picked up about a quarter-inch of rain from one of the cells, as they did contain decent downpours.  Scattered rain will continue through the rest of the morning, and should taper off as we head through the afternoon.  The sun will break out a bit, and it will be another breezy, warm day… with highs in the mid-70s.

We should be dry for the afternoon drive, but models show another chance of rain rolling in during the evening and overnight… as you can see on Futuretrac below:

Wednesday morning a few showers could linger early… but we’ll again dry out for the afternoon.  Clouds also break up as we become mostly sunny and get ready for the warmest days of the week!  Upper 70s to right around 80 degrees for both Wednesday and Thursday.

The cold front is still set to impact the area late Friday… so once again Friday night football games will be dealing with that chance of rain.  The highest chances look to be Friday night into early Saturday.  Rain should end through the day Saturday, and then the cold will settle in!  After feeling much like summer this week, it’s going to feel CHILLY this weekend!



Happy to be forecasting a nice warm week!

October 22nd, 2012 at 9:42 am by under Weather

I’m back from two weeks away!  The first was spent at a weather conference–the National Weather Association’s yearly conference, this year held in Madison, Wisconsin.  It is always so nice to meet with fellow meteorologists, learn about new things going on and new technology.  The weather in Madison was cold and windy, but the REAL weather was going on inside a large conference room.  :)   Here are some pics from my journey… first, it was a beautiful morning as we flew over Chicago on the way to Madison:

As the state capital, Madison has the tallest capital building.  Not the largest in volume… but it is indeed the tallest.  All the surrounding buildings downtown are shorter, too, so it really stands out no matter where you are:

Here’s a shot of the inside of the dome:

And some meteorologist friends from around the country:

Represented above are the cities of Grand Rapids, MI… Augusta, GA and Utica, NY.  We did manage to escape for a run one day, around Lake Monona.  It was a very windy, but beautiful 4-mile run!  Lots of good stuff in the actual conference too.  I attended a good social media boot camp, got to see weather-legend Tom Skilling give a keynote speech–and got to shake his hand, too!  And took many notes on the exciting things going on in the weather world.  Some highlights…

** New technology: WEA, or Wireless Emergency Alerts.  It’s a severe weather alert on your wireless device… no matter where you are.  If you are traveling, and enter an area under a warning, etc… it will go to your  phone.  But remember, this is just your initial alarm, you’ll then need to turn on the TV/radio for more info… use multiple outlets of info.

** New technology: using GPS to create high-tech storm damage assessments… plotting damage info, pics… to get a more accurate depiction of what a storm has done.  This is not just for severe but also winter, flooding.  The NWS will likely make a bigger push for your info and pics as this becomes implemented and grows.

** Changes: Something we started here at WDTN awhile back– a change to wording.  Now the Storm Prediction Center will use “Enhanced, Moderate, High” when issuing convective outlooks.  The enhanced wording is much better than “slight”… as slight makes you think little-to-no chance.

** Partnerships:  How NOAA is working with wind energy.  Interesting that all advancements in power production over the next 10 years are expected to come from wind turbines!  We have some right here in the Miami Valley!

** Testing:  NWS in the Twin Cities has been testing a Winter Impact Index… much like we use here at Channel 2.  This is a ranking of 1-to-5… on how bad a winter storm will be… particularly how it will impact travel.

… and much, much more.  :)   It’s always so nice to get your weather batteries re-charged!

And the “mom” part of me also needed re-charging.  After Madison it was home for a day and a half… and then I was off to Charlotte, North Carolina for a GIRL’s TRIP!!  These are my very best friends in the world… I’ve known all of them since high school… and some of them I have known since third grade!

The picture above was taken at Treehouse Vineyards… we took a tour of that winery:

It was a very cool place– lots of family history there and tons of fun stories.  The treehouse was built by the husband–a “get-a-way” for him and his wife, so cute!  Unfortunately, the wine is not available in stores here in Ohio, but you can have it shipped!

OK, enough of reliving my vaca… now it’s back to reality and forecasting a nice warm week!  Ok, it doesn’t quite seem like reality when I have temps that are approaching 80-degrees in mid-Ocotber.  ;)   Today we’ll be about 10-degrees warmer than we were yesterday (which is more than 10-degrees above normal)… and it will get a little warmer each day through Wednesday.  This happens as we sit in the “warm-sector” of a storm system… between the warm front to our north & the cold front to our west:

Rain chances are low–maybe a 20% shot today and tomorrow of a spotty shower.  But most will stay dry.  The cold front is a slow-mover… it won’t get here until late Friday.  That will be our next decent chance for showers–late Friday through Saturday.  This front will also drop temperatures for the weekend, knocking highs back down into the 50s.  So enjoy the warmth while it’s here!!




Chilly with a few shooting stars tonight

October 20th, 2012 at 6:03 pm by under Weather

After a soggy day Friday and a few showers this morning skies clear late tonight and temperatures begin to drop.  The frost/freeze program is over for most locations in the Miami Valley except the central and southern areas.  So with temperatures falling into the middle and upper 30′s tonight the National Weather Service has issued a Frost Advisory for Montgomery, Greene, Warren and Butler counties until 9am Sunday.

We still have a few clouds around right now but they will begin to break up later tonight as high pressure gets a little closer to us.  By early Sunday morning we’ll see lots of sunshine and even though we’re going to start off chilly temperatures will rise into the 60′s for the afternoon.

Tonight is a great night to view the Orionid Meteor Shower.

The Earth is passing through a stream of debris from Haley’s Comet.  This happens every mid to late October.  The shower peaks tonight and because of the moon’s phase it will be dark to really see the meteors.  The best place to look is south just before sunrise.  The meteors appear to be coming from the constellation Orion which is why this meteor shower is referred to as the Orionids.  Astronomers forecast about 25 meteors per hour.  To find out more about the Orionid Meteor Shower click here.

We’ve seen below average temperatures for the last several days but highs are going to warm up a lot for most of next week.  A large area of low pressure will set up to our west and it will bring a surge of warmer temperatures from the south.

The warm up beings on Monday with temperatures rising into the lower to middle 70′s.  This is about 8-13 degrees above normal for this time of year!  Take a look at Saturday’s almanac.

High temperatures are going to stay this warm for much of the week.  Most of the time will be dry but there is a slight chance for a few showers late Monday night and early Tuesday morning.

This weather is perfect for getting out and enjoying the fantastic fall colors across the Miami Valley.  If you have any photos we would love to share them!  Use our reportit feature on our website or mobile device so we can see the beautiful colors.


Showers today and a half and half weekend

October 19th, 2012 at 8:54 am by under Weather

A large area of low pressure located just to the west of us will keep us cool, mainly cloudy and showers throughout the day.  Spokes of energy will rotate around this low pressure area bringing showers to the area throughout the day.  Keep the rain gear handy for today and tonight.  It will also be a bit breezy with winds out of the southwest at about 10-15 mph.

If you’re planning on going to any high school football games tonight makes sure you bring along the rain gear.  While it won’t be a complete wash out there is a chance for showers to pop up and last through the game.  With the breezy winds you may need to grab a cup of hot chocolate WITH marshmallows :)

There’s also another event going on tonight and tomorrow night.  Aullwood is holding its enchanted forest.  Our own Karrie Rossmiller will be there in costume.  Can you guess what she will be?

This weekend is going to be a half and half.  There is definitely a better of the two days.  On Saturday temperatures will stay in the 50′s with a few morning showers and lots of clouds.  We’ll begin to see a few peeks of sunshine by the afternoon.

On Sunday things really improve as high pressure is nearby.  Look for lots of sunshine and temperatures in the middle 60′s!  It gets even better next week.  We’ll see temperatures in the lower 70′s which is about 10 degrees above normal.

Many of you have been asking what the winter will be like.  The Climate Prediction Center released its winter forecast.

As far as winter precipitation goes the Miami Valley has equal chances of either above or below normal precipitation.  I know it doesn’t help.  But there are no clear cut signs in several cycles that show us we would see more snow than normal.

If you are interested in reading the entire forecast you can click here.

Have a wonderful weekend! Jamie is back in Monday!



Rain and windy for Thursday

October 18th, 2012 at 8:37 am by under Weather

We had a fantastic day yesterday with highs in the 70′s but that’s all we get.  Temperatures fall for the next several days and will feel more like October.

A cold front is moving through the Miami Valley right now bringing us a chance for showers early this morning.  The rain quickly moves eastward and will be out of here by lunchtime.

Winds have been the other story of the day and have gusted at times to near 40 mph!  Winds will stay strong for the afternoon even after the front moves through.

I had to dodge a trash can on the way into work this morning.  So if it’s trash day in your neighborhood watch out for those flying objects.

The area of low pressure is going to linger around the Great Lakes through Friday.  This means that we will feel cooler temperatures, cloudy skies and scattered showers.  If you’re planning on heading to the Friday night football games make sure you plan ahead and grab the rain gear and hot chocolate.

As for the weekend it’s looks like half and half.  Sunday looks to be the better of the two days with some sunshine and temperatures in the 60′s.

Happy “Friday eve” :)


A warm and windy day

October 17th, 2012 at 8:13 am by under Weather

We’re starting the day off cloudy and there was even a few sprinkles on the radar early this morning.  Those will quickly fall apart and sunshine will break out today.  It’s going to be a great day with temperatures well above normal, sunny skies and breezy winds out of the south.

The clouds that are with us now move eastward and the clear skies in Indiana and Illinois will be here for the afternoon.  However the clear skies will be short lived as a cold front brings the clouds right back in tonight.

Ahead of this cold front winds will gust at times from 10 to as much as 20 miles per hour.  Probably not a good day to rake the yard because the leaves will blow all over the place. But the winds will help boost temperatures into the lower 70′s which is well above normal for this time of the year.

The cold front moves through late tonight and early tomorrow morning bringing rain to the area.

The rain will last for the first half of the day but the clouds stick around Thursday.  Temperatures drop and showers linger for Friday.

So today would be the pick day of the week to get out and enjoy some of the fall colors.  Here’s a few great photos from Doug Smith.  He sent these to us via our reportit feature.

Have a great day!

Cloudy start sunny end

October 10th, 2012 at 7:49 am by under Weather

Temperatures this morning really aren’t that bad compared to other mornings.  Readings started out in the upper 40′s and even lower 50′s across the Miami Valley.  We have a weak cold front nearby that’s producing a few light showers across the area.  The rain will come to an end in a few hours and skies will become mostly sunny for the afternoon.  Even though it will be sunny it will feel chilly because winds pick up after the front moves through.  Expect winds out of the northwest at 10-20 mph.

If you’re heading to the Reds game today make sure you’re dressing for the winds!

Tonight high pressure builds across the area.  This will allow the winds to calm down and clear our sky completely.  These conditions along with a chilly air mass means temperatures fall to near 32 once again.

Because temperatures will fall near 32 across the central and southern Miami Valley the National Weather Service has issued afreeze warning until 10am Thursday.

Notice only a few counties in the Miami Valley are highlighted here.  This is because many of the counties saw freezing temperatures earlier this week.  So the growing season has ended and so has the frost/freeze program.

Stay warm!

A beautiful October day

October 9th, 2012 at 7:23 am by under Weather

Well here we go again!  Another chilly start to the day with temperatures in the 30′s.  While temperatures aren’t as cold as they were yesterday morning you still need to grab the heavier jacket this morning.  There is a frost advisory until 9am for some counties in the Miami Valley.

For those counties not under a frost advisory it means the frost/freeze program is over.  Due to temperatures dropping to 32 yesterday morning a hard freeze has already occurred.

Right now we have an area of high pressure overhead.  This will bring us lots of sunshine to the Miami Valley.  However the clouds will quickly increase later tonight thanks to a cold front to the west of us.

If you’re heading to the Reds game tonight you can leave the rain gear at home.  Bring along the jacket though because temperatures will fall into the 50′s by the end of the game.   We’ll see a few clouds late tonight as the cold front gets a little closer but the best chance for rain won’t be until after midnight.

The front brings us a chance of showers early Wednesday morning. After the front moves through early Wednesday morning skies will become partly cloudy by the afternoon with winds picking up out of the northwest.  That will make it feel much cooler with temperatures only in the 50′s.

Temperatures do begin to rise for the rest of the week.  Our normal high for this time of year is in the 60′s and we’ll be near that for the end of the week.


A frosty start and bowling for Hospice

October 8th, 2012 at 6:45 am by under Weather

Well it was definitely a shock to the system when I stepped out the door this morning.  Freezing temperatures slapped me in the face.  Of course my heavier winter jacket is packed away (I’m moving to a new apartment tomorrow) so I had to use my lighter weight jacket.  We have a freeze warning in effect until 9am so if you didn’t cover your plants they are probably gone.

While frost isn’t unheard of this early in October it is slightly earlier than the average freeze date.

High pressure is in control and bringing us clear skies which is helping to drop our temperatures.  But that same high will give us sunshine for the day today.  Temperatures will stay below normal today with highs in the middle to upper 50′s.

Temperatures gradually warm for the end of the week which means readings will get a little closer to normal.   A weak cold front moves through area late Tuesday night and early Wednesday morning.  This means we’ll see a chance of rain but only early Wednesday.

Do you have any great fall foliage pics?  I would love to see them!  Send them via our reportit feature on our website wdtn.com.  I would love to share them on here or on our facebook page.

This weekend I was able to be co-host the annual Bowl for Hospice event with Carl Nichols and Jim Bucher.  Holy cow did we have fun!  I don’t think I laughed that hard in a long time!

So Buch, Carl and I went up and down the lanes asking bowlers to do crazy tasks – if they succeeded they won a prize.   I had one woman dance to the macarena, another do Y-M-C-A hand movements and they actually got a pretty good score!

I have no idea what Buch and Carl are doing here.  But we laughed for 2 hours and that was the best part!  Hospice of Dayton raised about $40K.  I am so happy I was able to take part.



A chilly weekend

October 6th, 2012 at 6:24 pm by under Weather

Fall is upon us and it seems the temperatures are dropping bringing us that fall feeling.  Today we did have some sunshine but temperatures were running about 10 degrees below normal.

The cooler temperatures are going to stick with us for the rest of the weekend.  Tonight temperatures will fall in the upper 30′s but by Monday morning they’ll fall near freezing.  The National Weather Service in Wilmington has issued afreezewatchfor the entire Miami Valley late Sunday through 9am Monday.

So why are we so chilly?  Well a cooler air mass has moved across the area and high pressure will build in for Sunday night.  Until then we’ll see our clouds increase for most of the day on Sunday.  There’s even a chance for a few scattered showers early Sunday.  But as high pressure gets closer late Sunday we’ll see some sunshine break through and skies become completely clear Sunday night.

So is this possible freeze a little early?  Yes it is about a week or so early.  The average first 32 degree temperature in Dayton occurs around October 19th.  However that’s an average and it’s certainly possible to see freezing temperatures this early.

Enjoy the weekend and stay warm!



Weak disturbance this AM, but still the nicest day of the week

October 4th, 2012 at 7:42 am by under Weather

A weak disturbance is approaching this morning, and it has kicked off a few spotty showers out there.  Here’s the 7:30am shot of Live Doppler 2HD:

Click here for the latest Live Doppler 2HD image

This disturbance will be out of here by lunchtime, and we are expecting to see plenty of sunshine as we head into the afternoon hours.  You can see behind the band of clouds in Indiana… we do get into clearing:

Highs should be able to warm well into the 70s… in fact, mid-to-upper 70s are possible! All week long, we’ve been in the 60s… but not only will today be the warmest day of the week… it will be the warmest day since mid-September (we last hit 76-degrees on Sept 16th).  Summer’s last hurrah?  Perhaps.  A strong cold front approaches us on Friday.  It’s slowing down a bit, but should move into the northern counties as we head into the early afternoon… temperatures up that way will remain cool all day, with an increase in cloud cover and scattered showers developing.

The central and southern Miami Valley stand a better chance of rain Friday afternoon, evening and overnight.  Yes, it does look like rain will be around for Friday night football games… but the threat of actual thunderstorms is low.  Behind this front, as we’ve been talking about all week long… colder air will spill into the region.  Highs both Saturday and Sunday will be very cool–in the lower 50s.  Still looking at frost potential for Sunday and Monday mornings, as we dip into the mid-30s.  Outlying spots may reach freezing.  Jackets will definitely increase in thickness this weekend!



Rain chances taper, but still looking for big weekend changes

October 3rd, 2012 at 8:47 am by under Weather

A slow-moving storm will move right over the region today, keeping us cloudy and a little misty–at least initially.  Rain chances remain low–maybe a 10-20% shot of an actual shower in the area:

Later this afternoon, the clouds should break up a bit as we warm into the upper 60s.  We should see more sunshine Thursday than we’ve seen all week, and it will also be the warmest day of the week!  A little breezy, as southwest winds increase ahead of a cold front… but we do reach the mid-upper 70s.  Enjoy that while it’s here… because colder air is not far off!  Check out what’s happening in Montana this morning:

Yes, that is SNOW!!  You can see the chilly air that is settling into the north central part of the US:

That colder air arrives here, behind a cold front, as we head into the upcoming weekend.  The front will arrive Friday, bringing scattered showers and perhaps a thunderstorm.  As I mentioned yesterday, this could impact high school football games Friday evening… and showers could even linger into Saturday morning.  It will definitely feel like Fall this weekend, with some chilly mornings and patchy frost  in the works!  The coldest mornings will be Sunday and Monday.

And while we are on the topic of colder air and snow (the latter of which is NOT in our forecast just yet)… yesterday, The Weather Channel announced that it will be naming winter storms this year.  So just like hurricanes, we could have Blizzard Brutus… Snowstorm Saturn… or Lake Effect Luna.  Yes, the names are a bit odd… you can see the full list here:  TWC WINTER STORM NAMES.  The goal in doing this is to make storms more identifiable.  So that you hear of one… know it’s coming/can follow it easily… and ultimately are more prepared and have fewer problems when it hits.  I get it–it makes sense, as we do it with hurricanes.  But I do see two problems:  one, the criteria used in naming the storm; it’s quite subjective.  With a tropical storm, there’s a definite threshold in terms of wind speed/pressure, but with these winter storms they’re using so many more variables–snowfall, ice, wind, temperature, population affected, even day of the week and time of day.  (You can read more about this here).  There are TONS of storms during a winter season–many more than when dealing with the tropics.  Questions remain–are they including Lake Effect events?  What if a named storm doesn’t pan out?  What if a little Clipper system ends up dumping on the region (as we’ve seen here before)?

The second issue is that they are not an all-governing body, like the National Weather Service.  So who’s to say how many meteorologists across the country will follow suit and use these names?  Nothing is mandating this… and in fact, there are several stations that have been naming winter storms within their own markets for years… will they use their own names, or adapt TWC list?  I can see the potential for a lot of NBC stations to go along with TWC, because we are affilliated… but that will be up to each individual staiton.  Will the other networks go along?

The National Weather Service has stated they do not, and will not, begin to name Winter storms.  Here is another well-written blog on the topic: NAMING WINTER STORMS–A GOOD IDEA OR GIMMICK?  Twitter and Facebook have been buzzing about all of this for the past 24-hours… search #RejectedTWCnames on Twitter for some weather entertainment… quite funny.

So we will have to see how things play out this year… if this is successful or not.  I would LOVE to know what YOU think about it.  Please comment below, or send me your thoughts on one of the social media platforms listed.  Thank you!!


Scattered showers… even a few thunderstorms today

October 2nd, 2012 at 7:33 am by under Weather

Overnight rain moved out of the area early this morning, but we’re still dealing with a few light showers… and lots of mist!  The mist could continue through 9 or 10am, but should taper off.  Although a spotty shower cannot be ruled out during this timeframe, we will generally be in a lull in the precip through the first part of the day.  Beyond the lunch hour, however, rain chances increase again:

The Storm Prediction Center includes us in an Elevated Risk for severe storms today…

Damaging winds and isolated tornadoes will be the main threats if any storms get going later this afternoon into the evening.  Temps will remain close to normal today and tomorrow, with a few showers still possible on Wednesday.  Thursday still looks like the nicest and warmest day of the week as we climb into the upper 70s with dry weather expected.  We’re still looking at a strong cold front for the end of the week, which may bring some rain to those Friday night football games… and will definitely drop temperatures for the upcoming weekend!  By Sunday morning, a frost looks likely!