Ring around the sun or moon, you’ll step in a puddle soon

October 1st, 2012 at 7:34 am by under Weather

That rhyme is about right for today!  This morning there was a HUGE ring around the moon–it looked really cool!  I tried to capture it with my cell phone… but it didn’t really show up.  Here’s a pretty good shot posted to our WDTN Facebook page from Elizabeth Anderson:

Did you see the ring?  Whenever this happens we get tons of questions via phone calls, emails, social media… people seem to be fascinated by this phenomenon!  Even though it looks clear in the photo above, we actually had a very thin layer of high cirrus clouds overhead.  These clouds are made up of ice crystals, and those crystals can act as prisims… bending light.  If they are in just the right position, a lunar “halo” is born… just what we saw this morning.  There is also a rhyme that goes along with this… “A ring around the sun or moon… you’ll step in a puddle soon!”  … and the reason for this rhyme is that cirrus clouds are typically the first clouds you would see as a storm system approaches.  That is just what is going to happen today.  The storm is still south of us, but rain has spread into Central Kentucky… as you can see on the 7:30am image of Live Doppler 2HD:

You can always see the latest Live Doppler 2HD shot at wdtn.com.  Futuretrac has really timed out the rain great today.  Most spots will stay dry through at least 2pm, but rain will begin to spread into the southern counties around that time… and then continue to slowly head north.  Here’s the 5pm snapshot of Futuretrac’s forecast:

If you live in the far northern counties… you may not see rain until evening!  But central and southern Miami Valley have a good chance of seeing it for the afternoon drive home.  Here’s how rain chances and temperatures pan out today:

Rain becomes likely for everyone this evening and overnight… and there’s still a good chance of on and off rain for Tuesday, and showers could even linger on Wednesday.  The nicest day of the week looks to be Thursday, with another cold front arriving Friday.  THAT one drastically drops temperatures for the upcoming weekend!



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