Happy to be forecasting a nice warm week!

October 22nd, 2012 at 9:42 am by under Weather

I’m back from two weeks away!  The first was spent at a weather conference–the National Weather Association’s yearly conference, this year held in Madison, Wisconsin.  It is always so nice to meet with fellow meteorologists, learn about new things going on and new technology.  The weather in Madison was cold and windy, but the REAL weather was going on inside a large conference room.  :)   Here are some pics from my journey… first, it was a beautiful morning as we flew over Chicago on the way to Madison:

As the state capital, Madison has the tallest capital building.  Not the largest in volume… but it is indeed the tallest.  All the surrounding buildings downtown are shorter, too, so it really stands out no matter where you are:

Here’s a shot of the inside of the dome:

And some meteorologist friends from around the country:

Represented above are the cities of Grand Rapids, MI… Augusta, GA and Utica, NY.  We did manage to escape for a run one day, around Lake Monona.  It was a very windy, but beautiful 4-mile run!  Lots of good stuff in the actual conference too.  I attended a good social media boot camp, got to see weather-legend Tom Skilling give a keynote speech–and got to shake his hand, too!  And took many notes on the exciting things going on in the weather world.  Some highlights…

** New technology: WEA, or Wireless Emergency Alerts.  It’s a severe weather alert on your wireless device… no matter where you are.  If you are traveling, and enter an area under a warning, etc… it will go to your  phone.  But remember, this is just your initial alarm, you’ll then need to turn on the TV/radio for more info… use multiple outlets of info.

** New technology: using GPS to create high-tech storm damage assessments… plotting damage info, pics… to get a more accurate depiction of what a storm has done.  This is not just for severe but also winter, flooding.  The NWS will likely make a bigger push for your info and pics as this becomes implemented and grows.

** Changes: Something we started here at WDTN awhile back– a change to wording.  Now the Storm Prediction Center will use “Enhanced, Moderate, High” when issuing convective outlooks.  The enhanced wording is much better than “slight”… as slight makes you think little-to-no chance.

** Partnerships:  How NOAA is working with wind energy.  Interesting that all advancements in power production over the next 10 years are expected to come from wind turbines!  We have some right here in the Miami Valley!

** Testing:  NWS in the Twin Cities has been testing a Winter Impact Index… much like we use here at Channel 2.  This is a ranking of 1-to-5… on how bad a winter storm will be… particularly how it will impact travel.

… and much, much more.  :)   It’s always so nice to get your weather batteries re-charged!

And the “mom” part of me also needed re-charging.  After Madison it was home for a day and a half… and then I was off to Charlotte, North Carolina for a GIRL’s TRIP!!  These are my very best friends in the world… I’ve known all of them since high school… and some of them I have known since third grade!

The picture above was taken at Treehouse Vineyards… we took a tour of that winery:

It was a very cool place– lots of family history there and tons of fun stories.  The treehouse was built by the husband–a “get-a-way” for him and his wife, so cute!  Unfortunately, the wine is not available in stores here in Ohio, but you can have it shipped!

OK, enough of reliving my vaca… now it’s back to reality and forecasting a nice warm week!  Ok, it doesn’t quite seem like reality when I have temps that are approaching 80-degrees in mid-Ocotber.  ;)   Today we’ll be about 10-degrees warmer than we were yesterday (which is more than 10-degrees above normal)… and it will get a little warmer each day through Wednesday.  This happens as we sit in the “warm-sector” of a storm system… between the warm front to our north & the cold front to our west:

Rain chances are low–maybe a 20% shot today and tomorrow of a spotty shower.  But most will stay dry.  The cold front is a slow-mover… it won’t get here until late Friday.  That will be our next decent chance for showers–late Friday through Saturday.  This front will also drop temperatures for the weekend, knocking highs back down into the 50s.  So enjoy the warmth while it’s here!!




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    Sounds like a wonderful trip and it is definitely nice having you back.

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