We await the front–rain, wind and cold to follow

October 25th, 2012 at 8:22 am by under Weather

We are starting off a little cooler this morning, with most spots in the lower and mid 50s… but the afternoon looks equally as warm–if not warmer.  Sunshine, and a southerly breeze combine to push us into the upper 70s close to 80 again.  The record high for today is 83-degrees… so it looks like we’ll be just shy of that, as we are forecasting 78.  Still, this is 17-degrees above normal!!

The evening looks wonderful for Trick-or-Treaters up in Sidney!

Kids in Shelby County are lucky to have their Beggars Night tonight, as things won’t be as nice beyond this!  Tonight, clouds will be on the increase, as a cold front approaches the area… and it’s quite the cold front!  I probably don’t need to draw it on the temperature map below… I’m pretty sure you’ll be able to pick it out:

So that arrives with some post-frontal rain on Friday.  It will likely start in the northwestern counties during the morning hours:

… and spread into Montgomery County by the time lunch rolls around.  Yes, this means wet conditions for Friday night football games, unfortunately.  And not just wet but also breezy and colder.  The showers will linger into early Saturday, but we’ll dry out for the afternoon and evening hours.  Sunday looks dry… but the big story over the weekend will be the COLD air in place.  Highs by Sunday will only be in the upper 40s, with lows dipping into the 30s.  Brrrr!

Yesterday I mentioned Sandy, and how this storm could impact our area here.  This is still something we have to watch for next week.  Here are the currents on Sandy… now a Category 2 hurricane:

Sandy is forecast to move through the Atlantic, along the East Coast, over the weekend.  Next week, Tuesday/Wednesday-ish… models have it retrograding (moving west) towards us here in Ohio:

Still a loooong way off, but right now it looks like clouds and wind are a good bet for us… precip chances still in question.  You will likely be hearing a LOT about Sandy as we head through the next week or so.


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