Back to normal..even below normal

October 26th, 2012 at 8:24 am by under Weather

Well hopefully you got out and enjoyed the wonderful weather yesterday because the unseasonably warm temperatures are gone.

Todd Roberts grabbed his camera while he was out yesterday and sent us this photo from Richmond, IN.

A cold front moved through the Miami Valley this morning and really dropped our temperatures, switched our winds and will bring us some rain later today.

Here’s a look at the 12 hour temperature change.  Notice you  can really see when the cold front moved through at 4/5am.

When the cold front was to the west of us we saw winds out of the southwest and now that the front has moved through the winds have shifted to the northwest.  They’ll gust at times to near 20mph throughout the day.

We’ve already seen our high temperatures for the day.  Temperatures will continue to fall into the 40′s for the afternoon.  We’ll also see the chance for showers to develop as well.  Grab the heavier jacket this morning and the umbrella.  It will *feel* much cooler when you come home this afternoon.   Be prepared for tonight’s high school football games!  It will be chilly and there’s a chance for a few showers.

The cooler air is here to stay for the weekend.  After several days with highs 10-20 degrees above normal, we’ll see highs several degrees below normal for at least the next 7 days.   There’s a slight chance for a few showers early Saturday morning but once the rain ends we’ll break into some sunshine for the afternoon.  It will still be on the cooler side though.

After the weekend our attention turns to the strong storm that’s going to develop along the east coast.  Hurricane Sandy is expected to work northward along the east coast and tap into some cooler air.  This will allow the storm to strengthen and produce strong winds and  heavy precipitation.  It may even impact our weather late next week.


Because of the serious impacts from this system the National Weather Service offices from coast to coast have been asked to do two extra balloon launches per day.    This is the first time this has been done.  The idea is to get a better sampling of the current state of the atmosphere in order to improve model verification.

Have a great weekend!

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