Chilly and pesky winds – Sandy’s impact

October 27th, 2012 at 6:47 pm by under Weather

Wow what a difference those cooler temperatures and winds have made across the Miami Valley!  Temperatures have dropped below normal and with the strong winds from the north it really puts a bite in the air.  The chilly temperatures and winds will continue for the rest of the weekend.  The winds will even increase on Monday and Tuesday – more on that in a minute.

Here’s a look at today’s high.  Keep in mind most of last week we were feeling temperatures 10-20 degrees above normal and now they are running below normal.

These below normal temperatures were ushered in by brisk northerly winds.  For most of the day we had winds sustained at 10-20 mph but at times they gusted a bit higher.  Here’s a look at some of the peak wind gusts today.

Low temperatures at night will continue to be in the 30′s and highs even with some sunshine Sunday will stay in the middle to upper 40′s.

Hurricane Sandy is now a category one hurricane (as of 5pm Saturday) and is getting ready to head north along the east coast.  The issue at hand is that this storm isn’t going to be just a hurricane – it’s going to combine with an upper level disturbance which will bring cold air into the storm.  This means it’s going to strengthen, produce strong winds, heavy rain and heavy snow in some locations.

Here’s Sandy’s latest path from the National Hurricane Center

Notice there is a large cone of uncertainty from northern Virgina to New Jersey – this is the possible landfall Sandy may make.  Many of the computer models that meteorologists use to forecast the fluids of the atmosphere are in agreement in the short term.  However in the long term they still show some uncertainty  not only on placement but timing.

Despite where Sandy may end up along the east coast it will have some sort of impact on us here in the Miami Valley.   Once the low pressure area moves onshore it will strengthen and interact with a feature in the upper levels of the atmosphere.  My main concern will be wind gusts from the storm Monday.   Winds will be out of the north and northwest sustained at 20-30 mph with gusts near 40 and could even reach 45 mph.

Both the cloud deck and precipitation will sharply cut-off right here in western Ohio.  So that means some of you here in the western Miami Valley may not see the same weather conditions as the eastern half.  I do expect most of us to see mostly cloudy skies by late Monday.  The eastern half will see some rain late in the evening and it may switch over to snow.  (Yes I said the snow word)  I do want to say though that we have several things to consider.   The ground is still warm due to our above normal temperatures so accumulation chances are low.  Also if snow would fall it would be during the night Monday and early Tuesday morning.  By late morning Tuesday I expect warmer air to move in which means any snow would turn over to rain.

Now all of this is likely to change once we get a little closer to the event.  Our computer models should have a better solution on where exactly Sandy will go.  So stay tuned to the weather blog and the weather section at

Here’s a recap as how things look right now as always they may change:
Monday:   Partly to mostly cloudy – WINDY gusts near 40mph – eastern counties may see some rain/snow at night.  Ground is still warm so accumulations will be minimal
Tuesday: Cloudy, some snow mixing with rain early otherwise rain and still VERY windy.  Again snow accumulations minimal.


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