Strong winds thanks to Hurricane Sandy

October 29th, 2012 at 7:41 am by under Weather

Hurricane Sandy is still a category one storm and hasn’t even made landfall yet but it’s effects are being felt all along the east coast.   Sandy is one large storm and it’s cloud shield is around 900 miles wide.

At 2am Monday the winds were at 75 miles per hour however the newest advisory has the winds now at 86 mph.

Preparations are underway and evacuations have already been set for the east coast.  Public transportation is closed in New Jersey and New York, Wall Street is closed, so are schools and of course MANY flights are cancelled.

There are so many issues with this storm: Strong winds, high waves, heavy rain and heavy snow.  Some of these will occur along the east coast but also here.  Here’s a look at all the watches/warnings including a Blizzard Warning for West Virginia.

For us in the Miami Valley I think our main concern is going to be the strong winds.   Winds will be sustained 20-30 mph today with gusts as high as 45-50 mph.  The National Weather Service has issued a High Wind Warning and Wind Advisory for all of the Miami Valley until Tuesday at 6pm.  It might be a good idea to bring those Halloween decorations, secure lawn furniture and it might be a good idea to take down the flags.

Here’s how things will break down over the next 24 hours:

Today winds will whip at 45-50 mph at times.  With highs only in the middle to lower 40′s wind chill values will stay in the 30′s so be sure to dress for temperatures cooler than the thermometer shows.

Later tonight the winds stay strong but cooler air moves in and this may change our rain over to snow.   I don’t think we’ll see much accumulation at all and there are a few reason’s why.  First our ground is still very warm thanks to above normal temperatures the last week.  Some of the snow may start to stick on grassy surfaces but once warmer air moves back in the precipitation will quickly change over to snow.  So there will only be a short window of snow that will fall.

Winds will still be strong through Tuesday afternoon and temperatures will stay in the lower 40′s for Tuesday.  Expect a raw, windy, rainy and chilly day Tuesday.

As always if you have weather photos of snow or strong winds we would love to share them with our viewers.  Use the reportit feature on our website or your mobile device.  Be safe and stay warm!

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