Oh Sandy… storm hangs around here for another couple days

October 30th, 2012 at 8:59 am by under Weather

SNOW!!  Yes, snow… we started the day with accumulating snow in parts of the Miami Valley.  Most spots will see an inch or less… but some isolated locations are picking up bit more.  A storm spotter up in Bellefontaine (Logan Co) reported 3-inches of snow accumulation.  Of course, this is the highest spot in Ohio… but still!  ;)   In southern Logan County, there was some light accumulation… thanks to Sherry for sending in this photo:

And here’s a tour around some other local cities:




The snow and/or wintry mix out there this morning will gradually change over to rain as we head into the afternoon.  Winds will continue to be extremely gusty today… sustained 20-20mph, and gusting as high as 55mph.  A wind advisory is in effect for all of the Miami Valley through 6pm.  Really just miserable weather conditions, as it will also be chilly.  A cold, windy rain… bleh!  Here’s a look at temperature (on top) and wind chill (lower numbers) as we head through the day:

Not the best of conditions for Trick-or-Treaters this evening… and it doesn’t look MUCH better for those communities who have Beggars night on Wednesday.  Just take a look at the SIZE of this storm.  It is amazing to me that what was once a hurricane is now bringing us SNOW… mind-boggling!

I’m sure you’ve all seen the horrible images from the East Coast… storm surge, flooding, communities under water.  Blizzard conditions in parts of West Virginia… power outages exceeding 8-million.  So we really do have it pretty easy here, compared to other spots getting the brunt of Sandy.

And as we head into Thursday we will finally see improving weather!  As Sandy begins to move away, clouds will even break a bit in the afternoon, and we should see some sunshine!  Highs will also be warmer–in the upper 40s, and we’ll be right up near 50 on Friday.  Hang in there!


3 Responses to “Oh Sandy… storm hangs around here for another couple days”

  1. Patrick says:

    Any chance beggars night will be canceled or postponed to later this week? Got a lot of candy here…

  2. Anonymous says:

    We’re havin’ a cloud wave, a Sandy-induced cloud wave!

    I’m thinking this season doesn’t deserve to be called “Fall” this year. It should be much more like “Autumnter 2012″; buttloads of rain, constant below-normal temperatures, and snowflakes here & there.

  3. Jamie Jarosik says:

    Patrick, we are updating the Trick-or-Treat list as we get changes. Be sure to check http://www.wdtn.com/generic/entertainment/halloween/halloween-times-dates

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