November, 2012

Warming for the weekend, and Karrie’s Christmas tree advice…

November 29th, 2012 at 8:42 am by under Weather

We again start cold this morning, with temperatures in the 20s and lots of frost.  But this afternoon, as expected, will be even warmer than yesterday.  We reached 42 on Wednesday–right where we thought we’d end up… and today we expect 48.  This will put us above normal for the first time since last week.  Right now the month of November is running a bit colder than normal– by 2.3 degrees.  We will end the month on this warming trend, and unseasonably mild temperatures will continue into the first week of December, too.

Sunshine will rule the sky this afternoon, but we’ll likely see a few more clouds on Friday.  This would especially be true across the northern counties, where we run about a 10-20% chance of seeing a spotty shower as well:

Sunday will be the next GOOD chance of rain–yes, it will still be warm enough for rain!  A weak front moves in and scattered showers will be possible, but not a wash-out of a day:

The front does not have a big push of cold air behind it, and it will move back north of the area as a warm front on Monday.  So as the rain chance ends, temperatures will warm up to near 60-degrees!  Tuesday brings another front and THAT one will bring in chilly weather for mid-week.

Today in the studio, we were discussing how this weekend will be a great weekend to put up the outdoor decorations… and to go pick out a Christmas tree… because the weather will be so mild.  I hesitate to get a tree this early, mainly because I don’t want to have a withering tree by the time Christmas comes around (that did happen one year… even with consistent watering!)  Soooo the always helpful Karrie Rossmiller checked with Nova Scotia’s Christmas Tree Research Center to find great tips we can all use to keep our trees from losing all their needles:

* Make a new cut on the stump when you first buy the tree or when you get it home… at least an inch above the previous cut.
* Put the tree in water immediately, and maintain the water level.
* Keep temperatures in the home slightly cooler, and position the tree away from the kitchen.
* Keep fruits away from the tree, as they give off ethylene… a natural gaseous hormone that signals a tree to shed!
* Leave on a light at night–being left in the dark causes a tree to respire more, using up its carbohydrates.
* Be aware of the type of Christmas lights you’re using.  Trees with white full-spectrum LED lights had the greatest longevity.  Trees with blue lights performed the worst.


High and dry… and warming

November 28th, 2012 at 8:17 am by under Weather

High pressure over the region brought us a nice quiet and cold morning today.  Temperatures dropped into the lower and mid 20s across the Valley, and again we had to deal with some light fog and a heavier frost.  But this same high will bring really nice weather our way over the next few days!

This afternoon will still be chilly–but we’ll be warmer than yesterday.  Yesterday we only hit 36 for a high, and today we should make it into the lower 40s.  The warming trend will continue as the high shifts off to our east for Thursday:

Here’s how temperatures will play out during the second half of the week:

Chances for rain/snow also remain low.  We could see a few spotty showers (especially in the northern counties) on Friday as the warmer air moves in.  But a better chance for precip holds off until Sunday, as a weak front moves through.  Earlier in the week, models were forecasting nice coverage with this event, but they’ve sort of backed off on that–it does not look like a wash-out.  A more impressive front is currently pegged to arrive on Tuesday.  We may get a blast of colder air behind this one… we’ll keep an eye on the latest trends!


Colder for a day, then a warm-up

November 27th, 2012 at 7:37 am by under Weather

We did have some rain and snow showers in the area overnight.  The northern counties saw mainly light snow, while the southern counties had rain for awhile… and then it changed to snow as temperatures dropped.  There was even a heavier band that formed over Clinton Co.  The ground was a bit too warm to see a great deal of accumulation, but the National Weather Service office in Wilmington did pick up some measurable snowfall–right around two-tenths of an inch.  Here is what Live Doppler 2X looked like as the snowband intensified:

Now the precip has moved east of the area, but the clouds remain, for now.  These, too, will break up as the morning goes on as high pressure builds in.  But this is a COLD high… check out temperatures:

Single-digits in eastern Iowa–eeek!  Our highs will be more than 10-degrees colder than  we were yesterday (we’ll make it to 37 this afternoon).  The good news is that the cold is short-lived.  We will warm a bit each day as we head towards the end of the week, and by Friday afternoon we’ll be back up near 50-degrees.  The weekend looks even milder, with mid-to-upper 50s and… yes… even 60-degrees would be possible next week.  Precipitation chances remain fairly low through this time, too.  Right now it looks like a slight chance of showers late Friday, but a better shot would come on Sunday.  We will keep you posted!

Have a great day!

Watching system to the south…

November 26th, 2012 at 8:00 am by under Weather

We are in for a pretty typical late-November day here in the Miami Valley.  We are starting off cold, with temps near 30-degrees, and will warm into the mid-40s for highs.  This is in line with normal low and high temps which are 31 and 46-degrees.  We’ll also see our fair share of sunshine today.  We are watching a storm system to our south, however… and this will bring increasing clouds later in the day and on into the evening.

Here is Futuretrac, paused overnight with some snow showers over (mainly) our southern counties:

Initially, the precip should fall as rain, but with dropping temperatures it will change over to snow.  Exactly WHEN that happens will play a big roll in how much snow accumulates.  Right now, it looks like a pretty good bet that most see under a half inch, and northern counties may not see anything at all.  Here is how the chance of rain or snow pans out tonight into Tuesday:

While accumulation will be little, if anything… slick spots will still be possible as temperatures drop into the upper 20s.  Use caution if out traveling… especially across bridges and overpasses.  Tuesday afternoon will be a bit chilly, too, with highs only in the upper 30s, but we’ll see some afternoon sun.  THEN a warming trend sets up for the rest of the week as quiet weather dominates again!

Have a good one!

Snow skims southern half

November 25th, 2012 at 7:12 pm by under Weather

After a cloudy start we did end up seeing some sunshine across the Miami Valley to end out the day. The sunshine really helped to boost our temperatures into the middle 40′s.

The sunshine also painted a pretty picture across the sky.  This was sent in from our weatherchecker Jim Clark in Cedarville.  Don’t forget you can always send in your weather photos by using our reportit feature on our website

But some areas in had a taste of winter!  Here’s a picture from our sister station WLUK Fox 11 in Green Bay, Wisconsin.  My former co-worker Doug Higgins took this photo from the Lambeau Cam.

Lambeau Field is just to the left of the photo.  When I worked in Green Bay four years ago I remember being able to hear the cheers from fans because the stadium is only two blocks away from the station (WLUK).

So what are our chances for seeing snow this week?  There’s a storm system that will head this way but it looks like it is going to skim the southern half of the area. We’ll see partly cloudy skies to start off the day on Monday but the clouds quickly increase as we head throughout the afternoon.

The clouds increase Monday night and after midnight the precipitation begins to head this way.  However it looks like it’s really going to be staying south of Dayton.  Warren, Clinton and Butler counties.

We may see a few flurries here but it looks like we’re going to miss out on this system.  The good news is we have plenty of time to try and get a white Christmas.

We will see some sunshine late in the day on Tuesday once the storm system heads east of us.

Enjoy the new week!



Cloudy and cool for the weekend

November 24th, 2012 at 6:34 pm by under Weather

Well after a warm Thanksgiving I think we all had a shock to the system with today’s temperatures.  Highs were in the lower 30′s and we were stuck in the clouds.

The winds have been whipping today and will continue to be pretty brisk for Sunday as well.  If you’re going to be heading out this evening make sure you get in the habit of bringing the heavier coat.  The wind chill or feels like temperature will be in the teens at times tonight.

The clouds have been hanging tough for the day and will continue to be thick tonight.  There will be little sunshine tomorrow too.  But with breezy southwest winds we’ll see temperatures rise a few degrees with highs in the lower 40′s.  We may see a few breaks in the clouds late Sunday afternoon.

I think we’ll see a little more sunshine for Monday though.

Notice there’s a bit of green in the lower left hand corner of the image in southern Missouri.  A storm system is going to skim the southern half of Ohio and computer models are now showing it’s trending farther south.  This means we may see some precipitation a rain or snow mix late Monday night and early Tuesday morning.  We’ll keep an eye on things  in case it will impact your morning commute.


Somethings dropping… and it’s not prices…

November 23rd, 2012 at 8:35 am by under Weather

If you’re heading out for Black Friday shopping… be sure to take a coat!  A cold front moving through this morning has temperatures crashing.  We were in the 50s through 6am, but then we started tumbling as the rain moved out and the cold front moved in.  Here are the 8am readings:

The western counties are already in the 30s, and the rest of us will follow suit.  Not only is it COLDER, but it’s also WINDY.  With the brisk breeze, it will feel like 20s during the late morning and afternoon.  Winds will gust 30-35 mph today.  And boy oh boy will it be a cold day at The Shoe tomorrow!  If you are heading to the Big Game… wear your warmest game gear:

We remain chilly with temps in the lower 40s Sunday and into next week.  We are watching a system for Monday into Tuesday… still could bring some rain to the area.  Models haven’t been in the best agreement with this feature, so we will continue to watch it.  Updates through the weekend!

Happy shopping!

Thankful for today’s weather

November 22nd, 2012 at 6:30 pm by under Weather

I hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving!  It’s been a long time since I have spent this day with family because I usually work the holiday.  However today I spent a few hours with one of my church choir members and their family.  It was fantastic to be around a family setting, enjoy some great food and laughs.  And of course the weather was fantastic!  Take a look at today’s highs.

Yes 62!  It was warm but it wasn’t the warmest Thanksgiving on record.  Here’s a look at some statistics that the National Weather Service put together.

Now what goes up must come down and yes that means our temperatures.  Say goodbye to the 60′s and hello once again to the 40′s.   The reason for the temperature drop is a cold front that will be passing through early Friday morning.

Look for skies to become mostly cloudy overnight and between about 4 and 8am there’s a chance for a few showers.  If you’re heading out to do some Black Friday shopping here’s what you can expect.

Once the front moves through the clouds begin to break up and sunshine peaks through.  Our temperatures drop throughout the day and winds switch to the northwest.  The chilly temps stick around for the Grande Illumination Friday.

If you’re heading to Columbus on Saturday to watch the big game make sure you are dressing warm because temperatures will only be in the 30s!

Happy Thanksgiving!

Big travel day… nice here, but delays elsewhere…

November 21st, 2012 at 7:26 am by under Weather

Holiday travelers, beware!  Of all days for the FAA flight status website to be down… it’s crashed on the busiest travel day of the year!  Still not up as of 7:30am, but you can always check LOCAL arrivals/departures at the Dayton International Airport here –> FLIGHT STATUS.  And of course, be sure to check with your specific airline.  We are seeing a lot of flights out of Dayton delayed–fog is a HUGE concern to our west this morning:

Some of our northern counties will see reduced visibility this morning, but we all get into plenty of sunshine this afternoon, thanks to high pressure once again building in:

Winds will be light today, but on Thanksgiving, a southerly wind develops as the high shifts east.  This will help temperatures soar!  It looks fantastic, with highs running about 15-degrees above normal:

The great weather only lasts two days, though–today and tomorrow–changes arrive for Black Friday.  A cold front approaches in the morning, bringing showers to the area for early shoppers.  The afternoon looks dry if you can wait for your deal… but it will be breezy and MUCH colder, with temperatures falling through the 40s.  And very chilly conditions stick around for the upcoming weekend.  If you’re heading to the BIG game, be sure you’re planning an outfit that includes lots of layers!




Small changes with cold front…

November 20th, 2012 at 8:16 am by under Weather

We’ve had such quiet weather here in the region, thanks to high pressure.  Chilly mornings, and nice cool afternoons.  There will be some SLIGHT changes to this weather pattern today… but nothing TOO significant.

A cold front sits west of us, and we are starting the day well above freezing.  We are in a milder push of air ahead of the front… and there are colder temps behind it:

The front has been kicking off a few light showers/sprinkles across the area… here is the 8am view of Live Doppler 2HD:

We can’t rule out a sprinkle or two through mid-afternoon, as the front moves through.  But during the late afternoon and evening hours any rain chances die off.  Overnight looks dry, but still mostly cloudy.

This front really just washes out as it comes through, so there will be no big push of cold air he re.  In fact, Wednesday looks like a really nice comfortable day for travel.  Here is what we expect, locally… dry roads and lots of sunshine:

What great weather for this holiday week!  Enjoy!

A nice week but not so 20yrs ago

November 18th, 2012 at 6:09 pm by under Weather

Wow what an amazing weekend!  I hope you were able to get out and enjoy the wonderful weather.  A few of our weathercheckers called in and said they were taking advantage of the nice conditions and put their Christmas lights up.  I know it’s not even Thanksgiving yet but may as well put them up while it’s nice…as long as you don’t turn them on until after Thanksgiving ;)

Today we saw highs again well above normal and it looks like it is going to stay that way for most of the short work week.

The sunny skies have given us some great sunrise and sunset pictures.  Here’s one I captured from our camera in Piqua at the Miami Valley Centre Mall.

Look for a few high clouds later tonight and temperatures falling near freezing again.  But another sunny day is expected for Monday.

With a lot of sunshine temperatures again will warm above November normals and will approach 60 degrees in many spots.

A very weak cold front will pass through the area on Tuesday.  The front is  moisture starved and will likely come through the area without producing any rain.  It will however increase our cloud cover so look for a mainly cloudy day with highs a few degrees cooler than Monday.

Turkey day looks sunny, warm and dry but we’re watching a cold front that may bring some rain on Black Friday.

While this week’s weather may be quiet it was a different story 20 years ago.  On November 22, 1992 around 60 tornadoes touched down in ten states one of them here in the Miami Valley.  An EF-3 twister hit Arcanum in the evening and left a path of damage about 20 miles long.  There were no deaths but 21 people were injured.

Here is a map from the Tornado History Project

The tornado damaged Faith United Methodist Church in Arcanum.  The roof, pews and stained glass windows were shattered but after 40 weeks of repair the congregation was able to resume services.

The Darke county tornado was one of many that day.  There were many other twisters that touched down in Ohio and Indiana.  Here’s a look at some of them.

This Thanksgiving week we can be thankful no severe weather is in the forecast for the Miami Valley.


Chilly nights but pleasant days

November 17th, 2012 at 5:04 pm by under Weather

It seems we’ve been on a roller coaster ride of temperatures lately and now we’re on the ride up again.  Temperatures haven’t been that bad recently – right around normal and with a lot of sunshine it has been quiet and pleasant.  Many people are taking advantage of the nice weather and doing some last minute yard work or putting up outdoor Christmas lights.  (By the way – I can’t believe it’s almost Thanksgiving!?!?!  What has happened to 2012?)

This weekend we have an area of high pressure nearby.  This means light winds, lots of sunshine, cooler nights and pleasant days.

For the end of the weekend expect much of the same.  Temperatures early Sunday morning will be near freezing and highs will once again be in the middle 50′s.

Again this quiet pattern continues for Monday.  Look for lots of sunshine and temperatures slowly rising a degree or two.  There is a weak front that will pass through the Miami Valley on Tuesday.  This front is really moisture starved so if it does bring any precipitation it will be on the light side.  It will increase our cloud cover a bit on Tuesday but there’s only a very slight chance for showers.

Enjoy the rest of the weekend!!




Coldest morning yet, but slow warming in the works…

November 14th, 2012 at 7:14 am by under Weather

Yes, we are keeping tabs on how low we’ve been, and this morning has been the coldest yet at the Dayton International Airport (the official reporting station).  We dropped to 24-degrees during the 4am hour.  There is an area of cloud cover to our west… and just looking at the satellite, the large shield looks pretty impressive:

But these are high clouds, and thin… and most locations are still reporting clear conditions despite their presence.  So while we will see these clouds move in today, they will filter the sun more than they will block out the sun.  It will still be a chilly afternoon, but a bit warmer than yesterday.


Notice we are still running below normal.  THAT will come to an end as we head towards the weekend–that’s when our highs should climb back into the lower 50s.  All the while, dry conditions continue with plenty of sunshine.  Rain chances remain low even into early next week–maybe a 20% chance of a few showers on Tuesday at this point.  We will keep you posted.

Yesterday I got to go to Englewood Hills Elementary School and talk weather with the entire 4th grade class:

What great kids–they even made signs for me–too sweet!  We talked about high and low pressure, warm and cold fronts and severe weather.  They had tons of great questions and really knew their stuff!  The teachers say they watch 2 News Today every morning… perhaps secretly hoping for snow days??  ;)

If your school ever wants one of us to come help out with a weather unit, you can contact the station and we’ll set you up!

Today’s front and the changes it brings…

November 12th, 2012 at 7:41 am by under Weather

After an AMAZING weekend (Saturday’s high was 69… Sunday was 67)… we will see some BIG weather changes today!  It is a breezy morning with a cool rain falling… this is Live Doppler 2HD as of 7am:

Rain is falling across the entire Miami Valley.  BUT it’s still relatively mild, with 7am temps in the 50s.  This, as we’re still in a southerly flow ahead of a cold front… but take a look at what’s behind that front:

Rain will continue through mid-afternoon… and then come to an end from west-to-east as the colder air spills in.  There could be a little wet snow at the tail end of things, but it it not the main weather concern today:

Skies will clear a bit tonight, and in the colder airmass we will dip into the upper 20s.  Even though we will be dry, any moisture left on the ground will freeze up, so watch for a few slick spots.  Beyond today, this week will feature a lot of sunshine… it will just be a chilly sun.  Highs in the lower 40s Tuesday, mid 40s Wednesday.  We warm a bit at the end of the week, and temps should be near-normal next weekend.



Front brings big changes

November 11th, 2012 at 7:08 pm by under Weather

Hopefully you were able to get outside and enjoy the wonderful day.  It was mild and windy but big chances are heading this way as a cold front pushes through tomorrow.  Take a look at today’s highs.  Another day in the upper 60′s.

If you look at high temperatures to our west you can see that there is a cold front evident and it’s a strong one.

Yep those chilly temperatures are heading for the Miami Valley.   As the cold front approaches Monday we are going to see three things:  1. Gusty winds 2. Rain 3.  Falling temperatures.

First the gusty winds – As the cold front approaches expect winds to gust to near 30 and 35 early tomorrow morning.  The winds will gradually diminish and switch direction as the front pushes through.

Second the rain – expect rain to start early in the morning first in the west then moving eastward as the days progress.

By lunchtime the entire Miami Valley will see the rain.

By 5pm the precipitation is coming to an end.  Notice that there’s a little pink and even some blue on Futuretrac. Yes there is a slight chance for some wet snow flakes to mix in with the rain but there’s a short period of time this will happen.  The colder air is going to come in just as the precipitation exits…if any snow does mix it will not be for long and will not accumulate.

Finally let’s talk about temperatures.  Monday is going to be the day where high temperatures are going to occur in the morning.  Ahead of the front morning temperatures will be in the 50′s but by the afternoon temperatures fall into the 40′s and by 5pm will be only near 40.

Skies begin to clear late Monday night as high pressure builds across the area however those clear skies will allow temperatures to crash into the 20′s for lows.  So winter is making an appearance once again.  The good news is temperatures will slowly moderate and dry conditions will stick around.



Warmth continues…37 years ago on Lake Superior

November 10th, 2012 at 6:25 pm by under Weather

If you look at the calendar and then step outside the two don’t seem to match.  But here we are in the second week of November and today’s high was 69 degrees.  Our normal high for today is 54.  As you can imagine what goes up must come down.  Tomorrow will be the last day we’ll see highs in the 60′s for awhile.  Highs drop back for most of next week.

The reason for the warm up is an area of low pressure and cold front now in the central plains.

As long as we are in front of the cold front we will continue to see strong winds out of the southwest and warmer temperatures.  However there’s active weather along the front and low pressure system.  Some parts of the country are experiencing winter weather while others are seeing the potential for severe weather.

Sunday across the Miami Valley will be nice – another warm, sunny but breezy day.  However the front begins to move through on Monday and this will dramatically change things.  First we’ll see some cloud cover increase late Sunday night and the winds will pick up as well.  Expect sustained winds out of the southwest around 10-20 mph with gusts near 25 and 30mph.

By Monday morning the front approaches and brings rain to much of the area.  High temperatures for the day will be early in the morning as readings fall through the afternoon.  Expect temperatures into the 40′s as you make your way home from work.

As we enjoy our unseasonably warm temperatures here  it was a different story on Lake Superior 37 years ago today.  The gales of November as they are often called came early with strong winds and large waves.  Both were no match for the Edmund Fitzgerald.

On November 9th the Fitzgerald left Superior, Wisconsin and was on its way to Ohio.  Gale warnings soon were in effect so the ship decided to take a more northerly route in Lake Superior to try and limit the wind and waves.   As the ship was trying to make it into Whitefish Bay a burst of strong winds and high waves were just too much and it sank near Whitefish Point, Michigan.   All 29 men were lost.

I first heard of this storm and shipwreck during my college years as one of my professors was studying the storm.  It wasn’t until I moved to Marquette, Michigan in the Upper Peninsula that I really was able to learn and appreciate the storm and story.  I took a tour of the Great Lakes Shipwreck Museum in eastern Upper Michigan and was able to learn so much more about that fateful day.  I was able to see the bell that in 1994 was pulled from the wreckage and later restored.   This storm and story will always have a special place in my heart.  From Gordon Lightfoot’s Wreck of the Edmund Fitzgerald, ” The lake, it is said, never gives up her dead when the skies of November turn gloomy.”  The bottom of Lake Superior is the final resting place for the 29 men who severed on board.

No matter the technology we have sometimes the weather is just too unpredictable.  On this anniversary my thoughts are with the families of those crewmen.


High and dry for most of us until Monday

November 9th, 2012 at 8:17 am by under Weather

High pressure is still our main weather-player through the weekend.  As it’s centered over Ohio this morning, it’s bringing about another cold and frosty start to the day.  BUT winds have already shifted in from the south, and this will finally help bring that warming trend we’ve been expecting!  Sunshine and southerly winds help to push highs into the upper 50s today:

As dry conditions continue, it looks like some great weather for high school football playoff games this evening–temperatures will start off in the lower 50s, and will fall into the upper 40s by the 4th quarter!  Good luck to all the teams still in it!

There is just a SLIGHT chance of a stray shower grazing our northern counties overnight.  This would be Mercer and Auglaize… maybe northern Shelby… and the chance is only 10-20%.  Something we can’t quite leave out of the forecast!  But again, it’s back to sunshine over the weekend.

Aaaaand, it’s mid-upper 60s for the weekend–do you believe it?!  It certainly doesn’t FEEL like we’re heading into the holiday season, but there ARE only two weeks until Thanksgiving.  And Christmas decorations and even trees are going up left and right!  The City of Dayton put up the downtown tree yesterday, and on Wednesday, I watched the City of Kettering’s tree go up in Lincoln Park:

If you are going to put up any decorations this weekend, the one thing you’ll have to watch is the WIND.  Winds will be southwest around 10-20 mph both Saturday and Sunday… with higher gusts.  Enjoy the warm-up… because a cold front on Monday will drop temperatures back into the chilly 40s.  That is also our next chance of rain, with thunderstorms even possible!


Fog and frost to start, but we’ll be bright again…

November 8th, 2012 at 7:10 am by under Weather

High pressure in the region provided clear skies and light winds overnight, and that has caused frost and fog to form across the region.  Visibilities have dropped to below a quarter-mile in spots, and a handful of schools (especially in our northern counties) are running on a two-hour delay.  The reduced visibility may slow thing down a bit during the morning drive, and if you’ve parked outdoors, you’ll also need some extra time to scrape that frost off the windshield.

The high slowly drifts across the region today into Friday, keeping us very bright with lots of sunshine.  As the high moves just east of the area at the end of the week, we’ll see southerly winds develop:

This will start the warm-up we’ve been talking about all week long.  Still expecting upper 50s on Friday, with mid-upper 60s for the weekend!  Winds actually increase over the weekend, though, so that will only be the downside to the forecast.  Enjoy the warmth while you can… a strong cold front arrives on Monday.  Showers and even a few thunderstorms are in the forecast as the front moves through and temperatures DROP again.  Highs will only be in the 40s behind the front next week!


Clouds, sprinkles move out… the sun moves in

November 7th, 2012 at 7:34 am by under Uncategorized, Weather

A weak disturbance is passing just southwest of the area:

And it has been producing light showers–mainly to our west.  But some of our counties have had a passing sprinkle or light shower–even a little mixed precip is showing up on Live Doppler 2HD.  As this disturbance moves away during the afternoon, the clouds will break up a bit and we’re back to SUNSHINE!  And once the sun comes out, it is here to stay… for a few days!  As mentioned yesterday, high pressure at the surface brings this clearing:

And a pattern-shift will occur over the next couple of days, too.  We are still in a trough and this has been keeping us cool:

But by Friday and the weekend, a ridge will build in:

That brings a big warm-up.  Still on track for upper 50s on Friday and 60s for the weekend.  Otherwise, things will be pretty quiet around these parts.  The next chance of rain will be with a stronger front on Monday–we could even hear some rumbles of thunder with this feature.  And it will be followed by another drop in temperature!


Decent election day but some snowflakes overnight…

November 6th, 2012 at 8:39 am by under Weather

It’s another cold and frosty start in the Miami Valley, as morning temperatures again dipped into the 20s.  But high pressure with us today will bring us a great Election Day!

We will stay dry through polling close, at 7:30pm.  In fact, any showers will likely come in closer to midnight… and they look to be light, with not everyone seeing precip.  With the colder temperatures, we could see some snow mixing in, but won’t see any accumulation.  Clouds and light precip may linger into early Wednesday, but we will dry out in the afternoon as the clouds break up.

Then, high pressure  at the surface and aloft builds in for the end of the week:

That means sunshine AND a big warm-up for the area!  Highs will be in the 50s both Thursday and Friday… and into the 60s this weekend.  So while we start the week about 10-degrees below normal… by the weekend we’ll be about 10-degrees above normal!  Temperature swings… in this swing state!  Get out and vote today!!