Dry Election Day, warm up and more problems for NE

November 5th, 2012 at 3:18 pm by under Weather

Weather isn’t going to be a problem for us here in the Miami Valley on Election Day.  While temperatures will start off chilly during voting hours it will be sunny and dry.  Highs will stay about 7-8 degrees below normal.

There is a cold front that’s going to move through the area late Tuesday.  Look for lots of sunshine for the first half of the day and for clouds to build in after 7pm.  Showers are possible after midnight and if enough cold air mixes in we may see a few wet snowflakes as well.    Here’s a look at what the radar will look like around 1am Wednesday.

Notice there’s some green in the Atlantic Ocean that’s pretty close to the east coast.  This is another large storm system that will affect the northeast.  This system will not be as strong as Sandy however this system has the potential to bring strong to high surf, strong winds, heavy snow and heavy rain.  This will likely affect some of the same locations still cleaning up from Sandy.

Here’s a look at one of the computer models we use called the NAM (North American Model) valid Wednesday night.

And one model all meteorologists have been watching because it did so well with Sandy is the European Model.  This is valid again Wednesday night.

While there are some differences in the models the main point is the northeast is going to get hit by another storm.  If we didn’t have Sandy just make landfall this would be a big deal but because Sandy made landfall it’s an even bigger deal.  Here’s why:  storm surge – There’s so much beach erosion from Sandy there is not really much of a natural barrier left.
Winds/Snow/Rain – more strong winds, snow where there is still no power.  This is going to make the recovery and clean up effort take even longer.

The one thing we’ll notice here in the Miami Valley after the Nor’easter moves off the coast the jet stream or storm track pattern begins to change.  A huge low pressure system in the plains cranks winds out of the south pushing our temperatures into the 60′s for the weekend.

Here’s a look at the warm air that will be pushed northward thanks to the area of low pressure to our west – This is valid Saturday evening.

Along with the warm up for the eastern half of the country the central plains may also see severe weather.  I’m pretty sure this may be the most active weather pattern I have seen in a long time.  Hurricane/super storm one week, Nor’easter another week and then a severe weather outbreak.  Wow.


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