Coldest morning yet, but slow warming in the works…

November 14th, 2012 at 7:14 am by under Weather

Yes, we are keeping tabs on how low we’ve been, and this morning has been the coldest yet at the Dayton International Airport (the official reporting station).  We dropped to 24-degrees during the 4am hour.  There is an area of cloud cover to our west… and just looking at the satellite, the large shield looks pretty impressive:

But these are high clouds, and thin… and most locations are still reporting clear conditions despite their presence.  So while we will see these clouds move in today, they will filter the sun more than they will block out the sun.  It will still be a chilly afternoon, but a bit warmer than yesterday.


Notice we are still running below normal.  THAT will come to an end as we head towards the weekend–that’s when our highs should climb back into the lower 50s.  All the while, dry conditions continue with plenty of sunshine.  Rain chances remain low even into early next week–maybe a 20% chance of a few showers on Tuesday at this point.  We will keep you posted.

Yesterday I got to go to Englewood Hills Elementary School and talk weather with the entire 4th grade class:

What great kids–they even made signs for me–too sweet!  We talked about high and low pressure, warm and cold fronts and severe weather.  They had tons of great questions and really knew their stuff!  The teachers say they watch 2 News Today every morning… perhaps secretly hoping for snow days??  ;)

If your school ever wants one of us to come help out with a weather unit, you can contact the station and we’ll set you up!

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