Ch-Ch-Changes… today!

December 10th, 2012 at 8:03 am by under Weather

A cold front moved through the area early this morning.  While temperatures are starting off in the 40s, we will see falling numbers this afternoon.  Take a look at the big push of cold air behind this front:

We can’t rule out a few spotty showers through the early afternoon–Futuretrac has the best chance across the southern and eastern counties:

As cold air continues to push in overnight, a spotty light snow shower or two will be possible.  We likely won’t see any snow accumulation… so, sorry, snow-lovers! :(   You have to travel northwest to get to a good snowpack– parts of Minnesota saw some of the heaviest snow out of this storm system.  In fact, up to 16 inches of snow is on the ground in the Minneapolis area… and it’s still snowing!  For the Twin Citites, Winter 2010-11′s greatest snowfall was 16.3 inches.  This fell on Dec. 11, 2010–remember how it caused the Metrodome roof to collapse?  This time around, Dome officials blasted hot air onto the roof to melt some of the snow and prevent a repeat performance.  Hundreds of accidents were reported across the state, and many roads, especially in rural areas, were closed or impassable.  To top it off, more than 150 flights were canceled. 

For the Dayton area, it’s been awhile since we’ve seen such a snowfall!  Last year, the most snow we saw out of one storm was, like, two-inches!  Yes, it was a pretty lame winter for those of you that enjoy the snow.  You have to go back to March 2008 to find the last time a storm brought us over a foot of snow!  Here’s a look back at some of the bigger snows we’ve seen–not many as of late!

Chilly conditions will be with us through mid-week, but of course there is a warming trend!  The rise in temperature will be enough to make the next chance of showers for RAIN rather than snow again.  Unfortunately, the timing is not the best, as it looks like some weekend rain.  We will keep you posted!


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