Rain, snow and wind all within 24 hours

December 20th, 2012 at 7:16 am by under Weather

We have been talking about this storm system for several days now and here it is.  Parts of Iowa, Illinois and Wisconsin are under Blizzard Warnings right now and will see about a foot of snow.  There’s even been reports ofthundersnow! While we are not going to see heavy snowfall amounts we are going to see dramatic changes in our weather conditions later tonight and tomorrow.

Here’s a look at the bigger picture – look at all the warnings and advisories from this strong storm system!

For us we do have a Winter Weather Advisory that goes into effect Thursday 7pm until Friday at 10pm.  While we may not see the heavy snow the central part of the country will see we face several other winter hazards.  The bitter cold temperatures, wind gusts near 45 mph, and scattered snow showers.

For much of the day today we’ll see rain which may be heavy at times.  A rumble of thunder or flash of lightning is not out of the question today.  The rain will last through the lunch hour and into the early evening.

Rainfall amounts will be between a half inch to three quarters of an inch.

The big changes will happen around 7pm when the cold front moves through.  We’ll see a lull in the rain but temperatures will drop like a rock and winds will begin to increase.  Since temperatures fall so quick the rain will change over to snow showers and with winds near 45 and 50 mph expect low visibility.

Big impacts could be icy roads later tonight and Friday morning because of the rain we see today.  The fast drop in temperature may mean those wet roads can become dangerous tonight.  Wind gusts will be between 40-50 mph which may create low visibility.

As far as snowfall amounts looks like we’ll see about 1-2 inches in most locations.  Some areas to the north may see a few 3 or 4 inch spots.

Friday is going to feel awful.  High temperatures will only be around 30 and with winds gusting at times from 40-50 mph the wind chill or feels like temperature will be in the teens.

Hopefully you have procrastinated and have all of your Christmas shopping complete.  If you do have to go out in the weather make sure you pack your patience.


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