Post-Christmas winter storm…

December 24th, 2012 at 8:11 am by under Weather

Today we have showers in the forecast… unfortunately for snow-lovers… they are NOT snow showers.  This morning, as temps are still below freezing, we have been tracking a little freezing rain.  Most of this precip has stayed south of the area, but the potential for showers will continue for us as we head into the afternoon.  Thankfully by late morning we should be above freezing, so no real icing is expected today.

Tonight, we can’t rule out a brief rain or snow shower, but we are still not expecting a white Christmas.  The white will actually come a day late!  We are tracking a MAJOR winter storm for Wednesday–one that has already prompted a WINTER STORM WATCH for parts of the Miami Valley:

The watch is in effect late Tuesday night through late Wednesday.  Warnings may follow as we get a better handle on this storm and where it will track.  Right now, it looks to be tracking in a way that would allow some “warmer” air to be wrapped in… that would mean some rain/freezing rain/sleet for some of our southern counties.  BUT some snow accumulation will also be possible:

Here is the Hydrometeorological Prediction Center’s forecast for areas that may see 4″ or more of snow from Wed AM through Thu AM:

Notice there’s a 40% chance– roughly for the areas currently under the watch.  A 10% chance even for areas outside of that.  There is good agreement on the STRENGTH of this storm… not so much on the track.  So be sure to stay tuned to the forecast–on a busy travel day, travel will likely be treacherous in the region.  If the storm shifts just  a bit, YOU could be in the heavier snow zone.  So be aware of that & check back on Channel 2 Christmas Day (2 News at 6, 2 News at 10 on the CW and 2 News at 11pm).  Also keep tabs on  And as always, we love your emails, Tweets and Facebook posts with your weather reports and pictures.  Of particular interest will be PRECIP TYPE… so please send away!  (Links below!)


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