Post-storm round up… and another chance of snow looms

December 27th, 2012 at 9:34 am by under Weather

The storm came as expected– a day late.  The Miami Valley was under a blanket of white the day after Christmas… but this storm was quite exciting, nonetheless.  Not only did it produce a record snowfall for the date (7″)… but it also produced THUNDERSNOW!  Did you hear it?  Tara Hastings and I noticed a flash of lightning in Greene Co around 9:30am, and then a few minutes later we heard a rumble here at the station, and sure enough another flash popped up in Montgomery Co.  We both yelled and ran outside to watch the thunder-snow-storm.  This may seem extremely unusual, but it does happen in very strong winter storms.  In fact, it wasn’t too long ago that this phenomenon was captured on live television– remember this:  THUNDERSNOW CLIP

Haha, as I said, very exciting stuff.  :)   Tara actually did a brief explainer on thundersnow yesterday, after we started receiving phone call after phone call… and post after post on social media.  You can watch it here:  THUNDERSNOW EXPLAINED

Now for snow totals… first, a look back at our forecast:

Now what actually happened:

Here are some specific numbers called in by our Weathercheckers… although measuring was no easy feat, because of the snow drifts caused by the strong winds:

After working extended hours to cover the storm, I did get to have a little fun with my kiddos when I got home.  My daughter absolutely LOVED playing in the snow, but it was my son’s first snow experience, and I can’t say the same for him:

Poor guy… he didn’t like the layers, the hat, the cold, OR trying to walk in the snow.  I’m sure he’ll grow to love it someday :)

Today, we will deal with clouds (but no additional snowfall) in the wake of the storm.  High pressure building in tonight will allow the winds to die down, and the clouds may break a bit.  If this happens… expect a COLD night ahead.  With the snowpack on the ground, we will likely drop into the teens!  We’re forecasting lows Friday morning near 17-degrees.  Friday afternoon will possibly see a few more breaks in the clouds, but then the next chance of snow arrives late Friday night.  We have scattered snow showers in the forecast through Saturday… but this next storm will NOT be as big as the one we just had.  We will keep you posted on the latest as we approach the weekend!


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