As if it wasn’t cold enough… another cold front moves in

January 3rd, 2013 at 8:31 am by under Weather

Once again, it’s a frigid morning here in the Miami Valley!  High pressure has built in brought with it clear skies and light winds.  Add to that snowpack and a cold airmass already in place, and you have a recipe for some COLD temperatures!

This afternoon, a cold front will move through the area.  As I mentioned yesterday… there’s not a lot of moisture for this front to work with (dew points are in the single-digits!), so we likely won’t see any snowfall.  A stray flurry would be possible across the far north, but that’s about it.  The front moves away from the area overnight, and we remain in a cold airmass in it’s wake.  As the clouds break up tonight, it will be another drop into the teens for us, with some outlying spots in the single digits.  High pressure builds right back in for Friday, bringing the return of sunshine!  BUT the winds will also increase a bit and that means a wind chill will be a factor in the forecast.  We’ll hit highs in the mid-20s, but it will FEEL like the single digits and teens through the day, if you’re standing out in that breeze.

Finally.  FINALLY a warming trend over the weekend!  Highs will be near freezing both Saturday and Sunday, but there IS a slight chance of a few snow showers Saturday night into Sunday morning.  At this point, accumulation looks minimal… and the warming trend continues next week!

In other news, we are adding TWO HOURS of news!  A new morning newscast will debut on Monday on the Dayton CW…

Join us 7-9am… we’ll be there every day!!  :)



4 Responses to “As if it wasn’t cold enough… another cold front moves in”

  1. Katherine says:

    Good morning, Jamie
    Winter is my favorite season, and snow is my favorite form of precipitation. The beauty of the moon reflecting off the blanket of snow is awe-inspiring.
    Like wildlife that hibernate in the winter, this is my time of year for meditation, reading, and writing. So, unlike the the monarch butterfly, which migrates south in the fall to overwintering sites in Mexico, I prefer to stay in the land of snow and enjoy the gifts of winter.
    Pets love snow too! We have one dog that loves to romp and play in the snow. Her “snow angels” are amazing! Our dogs loved wearing a warm sweater and going for a walk in the snow.
    The good news about winter is that cold temperatures keep some insect populations, like fleas, in check.
    One of the beauties of living in a northern state is the pulchritude of the seasons, for each seasons brings unique presents. Enjoy the season, the brisk air. Life is short, so take one season at a time and enjoy the unique aspect that each season has to offer.
    Have a great day, Jamie!

  2. Jamie Jarosik says:

    Katherine, you certainly have a gift with words… and you are not alone in your love of the snow and winter season! I have many followers who cheer each time a winter storm approaches… last year, many of them were depressed with the lack of cold! I am so glad you (and your pets!) are enjoying what we’ve seen this year so far–hopefully we will get more to play in! Thanks for posting.

  3. Todd Charske says:

    I’m impressed! By the way I’d rather have the snow than the gray skies but hey It’s Ohio wait a couple days and the weather will change!

    - Todd Charske

  4. Paul Mchone says:

    Hey it’s not that cold! We haven’t even had a full day in the single digits yet. I remember much colder temperatures and more snowfall than we have now-a-days…

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