Some warming this weekend, but also some snow…

January 4th, 2013 at 8:13 am by under Weather

Temperatures were actually WARMER much of this morning.  It was near 30-degrees around 4am, all thanks to cloud cover that was slow to break.  But once those clouds started to clear out, temperatures dropped fast!  Here are the 7am temps, with most reporting clear skies at this point:

There are still some clouds to the south, so temps there have been remained in the mid-20s.  High pressure builds in today, so we expect a quiet weather day.  We will see lots of sunshine,  so it will look nice… but it will feel cold with a brisk west wind.  And tonight, with skies remaining clear, we will drop into the teens again.  We still expect a warm-up over the weekend, but we’re also watching the chance of snow.  We may see a few showers in the area as early as Saturday evening, but a better chance will come through the first part of Sunday as a cold front moves through:

The key word here will be light snow–no major accumulation.  In fact, highs over the weekend will be above freezing… so we’ll likely see melting.  And that melting continues next week.  Sunday’s front is not packing cold… we will continue to see a warming trend as we head into next week.  In fact, it’s RAIN, rather than snow that is in the forecast for Wednesday–we’ll see highs near 40!

Enjoy the weekend!  We have an exciting line-up with NFL football Saturday!  The wildcard game… the Bengals play-off game… AND 2 News to follow.  :)   I will be filling in for Tara, so I’m really hoping the games don’t go too late #morningperson.  ;)   And starting Monday is our new newscast on the Dayton CW!  2 News Today continues over there from 7-9am… join me, Karrie, Holly, Marsha and Dan!


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