Next Clipper today… more snow possible

February 5th, 2013 at 8:43 am by under Weather

Yesterday, scattered light snow showers developed across the Miami Valley, as a Clipper came through.  As usual, we did have some small areas that saw more intense snow, and this reduced visibility a bit while putting down a quick dusting.  Overall, snowfall totals were light though… here is a round-up:

Another Clipper drops in today, and it’s already kicking off scattered snow showers in Illinois and Indiana:

That all heads our way for the later afternoon and evening hours.  Temperatures climb up near freezing again, right as the precip chances increase:

So initially, we may not have too many problems out on the roads… but as the sun sets, things could get slick, even with it being light accumulations.  The best chance of snow is across the northern counties, but it does look like most will stay under a half-inch.  Wednesday, we are right back to dry conditions… and will finally get to see some sun!  Highs will climb back up near freezing, and with the sun we should see some melting.  Winds will be relatively light, too, so overall not a bad day!

A warm-up for Thursday, with highs in the lower 40s… and dry conditions most of the day.  The chance for rain changing to snow happens during the evening and overnight hours. 


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