Cold night but warmer day ahead

February 16th, 2013 at 5:23 pm by under Weather

We’ve seen lots of things falling throughout the sky this weekend, snowflakes, snow pellets and meteors.  If you haven’t seen the incredible video of the meteor falling in Russia click here to see several videos.  Now this is an astronomy event however I felt like because I am a meteorologist I have been asked several questions about this event.  The word meteorology is Greek in origin meteōron which means something aloft or high in the sky.  Which is where our weather happens ie. clouds, rain, snow etc.

There are also lots of terms being said with this meteor falling from the sky.  There’s meteoroid, meteor and meteorite.  Meteoroid is the large piece of rock that was in space.  Meteor is what created the streak of light when it was falling through the atmosphere.  Meteorites are the pieces that didn’t burn up in the Earth’s atmosphere and hit the ground.

Now we have a few falling objects from the sky this evening – that is snow flurries.  Those flurries will be coming to an end later tonight.  Skies become partly cloudy and we dip into the lower teens tonight.

By early Sunday morning we’ll begin to see some sunshine however temperatures will be cold and the wind chilly values or feels like temperatures will be around zero.  So make sure you’re bundled up!

The chilly air mass sticks around for Sunday with highs only in the middle to upper 20′s.  However we will see a good deal of sunshine.

The weather pattern begins to change for Monday.  If you have President’s Day off you’ll notice a big difference in temperatures.  A strong storm system to our west pushes warm air northward on the heels of breezy southerly winds.  We’ll see temperatures climb into the upper 40′s near 50 degrees for Monday.

Clouds begin to increase throughout the day as the cold front gets closer to us.  While most of the day will be dry there’s a chance for rain later in the evening and into the overnight hours.

After the front moves through our temperatures return to more typical readings for this time of year.

I’ve been watching a large storm system that is still out in the Pacific Ocean.  This one will move into the Great Lakes and may provide some significant snow by late Thursday and Friday of next week.  While it’s still several days away it’s been getting a lot of chatter on social media so I wanted to bring it up.  The way things look right now for the Miami Valley is that we’ll be on the warmer side of things and may see a rain/snow mix.  However there are several different solutions as  to where this low pressure will actually track.  So stay tuned…



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