Back to cold today, and windy conditions continue…

February 19th, 2013 at 8:47 am by under Weather

A cold front moved through the Miami Valley this morning!  Let’s look at a couple meteograms… these paint a great picture of how things have been–and how they’re changing–behind the front.  First, how gusty winds have been as the front approached and came through:

That 44mph gust has been the actual peak through 8am.  The winds will continue to gust between 30 and 40 mph right through the afternoon hours.  And as the winds have shifted in from the west-northwest, they are ushering in MUCH colder air.  Yesterday’s high was 56-degrees… we will spend most of today in the 20s.  Here’s how low we’ve dropped so far:

And the low tonight should reach 12-degrees!  From 56 to 12… that’s one strong cold front :)   The next storm we’re watching is for Thursday night into Friday.  Travel during this time may be difficult, as we’re expecting a wintry mix of freezing rain, sleet and snow all possible.  Here is how just one model looks for that timeframe:

This is the GFS, showing some potential sleet changing to freezing rain before it changes to all rain as temps continue to warm on Friday.  We’ll keep an eye on the latest trends!  Stay warm today–and remember it’s a skirt-alert, hair-scare kind of day!

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