An icy morning but sunshine for the weekend

February 22nd, 2013 at 6:42 pm by under Weather

I’ve been watching the storm that brought us the icy start Friday for several days now.  In fact in one of the weather blogs I wrote last Saturday I mentioned how it would hit the area and could bring us a rain/snow mix.   Some of the northern areas of the Miami Valley picked up a little snow while other parts had some ice accumulation.

Here’s what it looked like in Piqua earlier Friday.  You can see some sleet and the freezing rain there.  By the afternoon most of it melted.

We had some GREAT photos sent to our report!t feature at

Aja Haywood

Jackie Luster Beavercreek – had some problems when she rolled down her window this morning!

So how does freezing rain form?  Precipitation always starts off as snow and depending on the temperature of the air determines whether the snow stays as snow or melts and falls as rain.  Unless you have freezing rain.  So what happened Thursday night and Friday morning was a warm layer of air melted the snow as it fell – however there was a colder layer near the surface.  This allowed the rain drops to cool below freezing but still remain in the liquid state.  (this is called supercooled water droplets) So when the raindrops hit any surface like a road or car it instantly froze.  Here’s a graphic to explain the warmer and colder air.

Now we’re going to see improving weather conditions for the rest of the weekend.  Look for mainly cloudy skies tonight but they’ll start to break up a little overnight toward tomorrow morning.

By the afternoon we’ll see a good deal of sunshine but still will stay in the upper 30′s.  High pressure moves into the area for Sunday and that means sunshine and warmer temperatures.

By Monday we have another storm on its way here.  Right now it looks like we’ll see clouds increase throughout the day and then some rain will work through the area late Monday which could change over to snow on Tuesday.

It appears we’re not done with winter just yet – after all we still have one more week of February left.


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  1. Anonymouse says:

    I can just expect tomorrow to be an exact carbon copy of today and yesterday. An upper level disturbance is supposed to attempt heading our direction later tomorrow; therefore, it would be too late for any accountable breaks in the clouds in the Dayton area by morning.

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