Finally some sun before storm heads this way

March 3rd, 2013 at 6:17 pm by under Weather

I thought I had forgotten what it looked like and almost didn’t believe my eyes when I finally saw the sun today!  It only made an appearance though a few breaks in the clouds but the song “Here comes the sun…do do do do…Here comes the sun” instantly popped in my head.  When I got to work I was sure to check out local cameras and found some sun in Piqua.

I love those rays :) I had an interesting question posted to my facebook page.  A friend wrote “Is there a name for this weather pattern that has bringing us clouds and a few snowflakes for the last several days?”  Great question!  Can I just call it annoying?  :)   There is no specific weather pattern or storm name for the flakes we’ve been seeing in the sky.  I can however give you an idea of what has been happening the last couple of days.  To do that we need to take a trip to the upper levels of the atmosphere – where the jet stream or storm track lives.

A large trough or dip in the jet stream is responsible for our chilly temperatures, cloudy skies and the flakes we’ve been seeing in the sky.  The northerly flow has been bringing little spokes of energy through the Miami Valley which has been bringing those on and off flurries through the area.

The good news is this pattern is beginning to break.  We’ll see the flurries come to an end later tonight and clouds begin to break.  One of the reasons this pattern is going to break is because of a storm system that will kick current tough away from us.

Now this storm system is going to produce an interesting forecast for the Great Lakes.  Some moderate snow is going to fall near the Chicago area while a warmer layer of air will move over the Miami Valley which means we’re going to see a wintry mix. But first we are going to see some sunshine for Monday as a weak area of high pressure swings through Ohio.

Clouds will quickly increase for the afternoon.  Most of Monday will be dry but after 10pm the leading edge of the precipitation will begin to head for the area.

Throughout Monday night and into most of Tuesday warmer air will push northward which means we’ll see a rain/snow/sleet/freezing rain mix across the Dayton area.  Some rain will mix in our southern counties while areas well north of Dayton may stay all snow.


Colder air finally moves into the region by late Tuesday which means the entire area while change over to snow.

Here’s my thinking and how it will impact the area.

This may change as the storm gets a little closer. There are a few things that still need to be watched – like the storm track and how much warm air will move northward.  It looks like there may be some snowfall that may stick to the ground late Tuesday night and early Wednesday.    Meteorologist Jamie Jarosik will have the latest Monday morning and will guide you through Tuesday morning’s commute.


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  1. Anonymouse says:

    Other than calling it annoying, could you have called it a “cloud wave”? Just before this system hit last Tuesday, people were aware this was to be a cutoff low which apparently got absorbed into that trough later in the week.

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