Slow moving cold front brings soaking rain…

March 11th, 2013 at 7:12 am by under Weather

What a BEAUTIFUL weekend we had!  I hope you got out to enjoy the early taste of Spring.  With sunshine, temperatures topped out at 66 degrees Sunday afternoon.  I was so happy to see so many out and about–walking, jogging, playing.  I think most of us had a bit of Spring Fever!!  Today, it’s a different story as a slow-moving cold front approaches:


You can see the stream of moisture out ahead of the front.  The rain will be with us through a good part of the day, and it looks like parts of the region could see over an inch of rainfall.  Ponding of water will be common, and area waterways will run high with the liquid from the recent snow-melt and the current rainfall.  Winds will also be up–so keep two hands on that umbrella today!  We will, at least, be relatively mild… with temperatures in the lower-50s through a good part of the day.  As the cold front comes through mid-afternoon… temperatures will start to drop off into the mid-40s through evening:


This is when rain will become more scattered… but we do still have the slight chance of rain (or snow!) showers overnight.  A spotty rain or snow shower is still possible through the day Tuesday… but we’re not expecting any snow accumulation through this time.  Tuesday will be a chilly day, as the winds stay up and temperatures only climb into the lower-40s for highs.

Another disturbance heads our way on Wednesday–this will be the coldest day of the week.  We’ll see highs in the mid-30s with scattered snow showers possible!


2 Responses to “Slow moving cold front brings soaking rain…”

  1. Courtney says:

    You would think that I would have enough sense to get umbrellas. I came home from the hospital soaked and cold to the bone today! I will be promptly headed to a Big Box store to do so. Ohio rainy days are so much different than Florida’s :)

  2. Jamie Jarosik says:

    Haha, Courtney! With a 2 y/o that still wants me to carry him… I don’t even have an extra hand for umbrella! It’s jackets with hoods for us! ;)

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