Storm update Sunday 8pm

March 24th, 2013 at 8:25 pm by under Weather

Looking at the latest scan of Live Doppler 2HD at 8 pm there is a heavy batch of sleet/snow mix moving through Montgomery county.  I just walked outside here in Moraine and saw the big snowflakes and heard the sleet hitting the building.  So there is still a bit of a mix from I-70 southward.

However I can already see the colder air beginning to move into the area.  The Storm Prediction Center just put out a special discussion for us here in the Miami Valley.  I knew this would be coming out and the National Weather Service is thinking the same thing I am.  The heaviest snow will begin in the next hour or two and it will continue through about 1 am.  At times we may see snowfall rates at 1-2 inches per hour.  Along with this we may “hear” some rumbles of thunder because there is so much energy and lift with this storm system.  If we do hear this “thundersnow” snowfall rates will really increase during this time.

So here’s what I am thinking for the rest of the night. We are still under a Winter Storm Warning through Monday 2pm.


The heaviest snow will fall from now through 1 am with the possibility of thundersnow as well.   Between about 1 am-8 am we will still see moderate to heavy snow at times so the Monday morning rush hour will be a difficult one.  From Monday morning through Monday afternoon the bulk of the heavier snow will come to an end but there will still be the chance for a few snow showers and flurries.  Winds will begin to pick up as well so there may be some blowing and drifting however this will be a heavy wet snow.

Here’s what it will look like on Monday morning at 7.  We’ll still see some accumulating snow but it will begin to taper off by mid morning.

mon 7 am

Total snowfall accumulations will be 8-10 inches with some areas picking up 6-8 inches south and east of Dayton.


It isn’t completely unheard of to have a significant snowfall in March.  However this storm may go in the record books.  First I wanted to show some of the daily snowfall records in the month of March.  Now this storm is a bit different and I’m not sure it will make it into the record books for daily snowfall because some of the snow will fall before midnight and some will fall after midnight.  It’s just easier to keep records by doing it this way :)   At any rate take a look at some of the daily snowfall March records.


While we may not break any daily records we may come close to making into the top five monthly snowfall totals for the entire month of March. Notice how right now we sit at 7.4″ for March and if we get at least six inches at the airport we’ll break the top five.

MONTHLY MARCH SNOWFALLS snowfall climate info

Please take it easy with this latest winter wallop!  I know many of you want spring but apparently mother nature wants to hang onto winter for one last storm!


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  1. Nancy Batdorf says:

    In 1968 on this date after receiving 11.2″ my boyfriend asked me yo be his wife. I accepted and we’ve been married 45 yrs. What a memorable day still today.

  2. Tara Hastings says:

    ahhhhh That’s so adorable Nancy!! Thanks for sharing!

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