Storm continues to affect the area with snow showers…

March 26th, 2013 at 7:59 am by under Weather

The storm that dumped shovel-able :) snow throughout the Miami Valley Sunday into Monday is still impacting the region.  We are starting the day with snow showers for the morning drive.  And we had plenty of snow melt yesterday… so with temperatures at or below freezing, we’ve seen numerous slick spots develop.  Certain roads have become sheets of ice, and Karrie is reporting multiple accidents area-wide.  Please drive carefully this morning… and remember that anything that looks wet, may actually be ice.

As of midnight, we’ve nosed into the TOP THREE snowiest March’s  on record… but it’s a three-way tie:


Here’s a look at how our current snow numbers compare to normal:


Scattered snow showers will continue through the afternoon, but any accumulation will be light.  We’ll generally see a half inch or less in most spots, as temperatures do come up into the mid-30s for highs.  Yes, we are still running about 20-degrees below normal on afternoon highs!  But as we’ll climb above freezing, during the afternoon the roads will mainly be wet.  Watch for re-freeze again tonight as we drop back into the 20s.

We are still looking at a warming trend towards the end of the week.  Forties for Thursday and Friday… and 50s for the weekend, including Easter Sunday!  However, that does come along with the chance of showers… at least it will be rain NOT snow!  In the spirit of Easter, I would like to share this snow bunny that someone tweeted to me yesterday!  We actually made one at our house, but it wasn’t as cute as this one.  Hope you had fun in the snow, too… and I also hope it’s our last snow!!  (am I allowed to say that?)  ;)


Thanks to Julie Walling for the photo!
Have a great day!


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