Improving weather through the end of the week…

March 27th, 2013 at 7:35 am by under Weather

What a beautiful way to start the day–with the full moon! 


This is called the Full Worm Moon, because at this time of year the ground was thawing out and the worms would surface more and more.  Also known as the Crow Moon, as the crows’ calls would be more comon… and the Crust Moon, as snow on the ground would melt during the day and freeze again at night… becoming crusted on top. 

It’s another cold start with a few flurries out there this morning, but things will improve from here!  This afternoon, we’ll see lots of clouds… but also a little sunshine at times.  There is just about a 20% chance of a few flurries or sprinkles, but nothing significant is expected today.  Yesterday’s high climbed up to 38-degrees… and today we should hit the lower 40s.

We’ll see fairly quiet weather through the end of the week, thanks to high pressure building into the region:


Expect more sunshine Thursday… and even more on Friday, as temperatures continue to warm.  We’ll finally see near-normal temperatures over Easter weekend:


Unfortunately, the chance for rain on Easter Sunday is looking more and more likely.  Right now the timing looks to be in the morning and even lingering in the afternoon.  So some wet Easter egg hunts, I’m afraid :(   But at least it’s not SNOW!!


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