Cold temperatures but warmer for the weekend

April 3rd, 2013 at 5:24 am by under Weather

If you think it’s a little unusual to see temperatures in the 20′s this early in April you would be correct.  Lower 2o’s for this time of year get pretty close to records.  In fact on Tuesday morning Dayton tied a record low!  We’re going to come pretty close this morning as well.

yesterday almanac COLD START WITH RECORD LOW

Wednesday morning’s low is 20 so we’re going to be a few degrees away from hitting that one.  However the normal low for this time of year is 37 and we’re well below that mark.

Our daytime highs have been below normal as well.  We hit 44 yesterday but each day we’ll be adding a few degrees.  We’ll stair step to the middle 60′s for the weekend!


Along with the milder weather also comes the chance for some unsettled weather.  Rain chances are going to increase for late Sunday and through the early part of next week.  Until then high pressure keeps us dry and sunny for today.  A storm system skims the southern half of Ohio which means we may see a few more clouds Thursday afternoon.

April really is one of those transition months.  We see our average temperatures increase dramatically and the amount of daylight increases too!  Here’s a look at the average high temperature from the beginning of the month to the end and how much daylight we’ll gain for month.

increasing daylight AVERAGE TEMPS APRIL

Spring has sprung :)   Enjoy your week!


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