Northern lights possible tonight and another warm up

April 13th, 2013 at 6:10 pm by under Weather

There’s a bit of a buzz about our chances for seeing the Northern Lights tonight.   It is a little unusual for auroras to be seen this far south in Ohio however space scientists suggest the solar energy that will hit the Earth tonight is going to be rather strong.

The chance for us to see auroras stems back to Thursday when a coronal mass ejection (CME) or solar flare left the sun.  Click here to see a video of the CME. Now it takes a couple of days for this solar energy to travel through space and get close to the Earth.  When the electrically charged particles head into the Earth’s atmosphere they collide with other gas particles and we see the brilliant colors dancing across the sky.

Now I want to point out we are on the southern fringe of the line.  There’s a chance we may not see them this far south.  If you want to take a look tonight find a dark spot, away from any city lights, look up and be patient.  From the research I did it appears that the energy should reach the Earth’s atmosphere sometime after 9 pm eastern.  I did find a service through NOAA that provides email alerts.  Click here to see the site.  If you happen to catch the northern lights please remember to send a photo using our report!t feature at

northern lights 1 northern lights 2

Now the question becomes will the clouds clear out across the Miami Valley…yes I think they will just in time.  Clouds are beginning to break up right now and we’ll continue to see the clear throughout much of the overnight.  There will be an increase in clouds by Sunday morning.  This batch will be due to a warm front heading this way.

Sun 8 am

This warm front will bring us VERY warm temperatures again for Sunday afternoon and much of next week as well.  Look for breezy winds during the afternoon and some sunshine.  Those winds will help boost our temperatures into the upper 60′s which is about 10 degrees above normal.

sun 6 pm

Most of Sunday will be dry however there’s a slight chance for a few isolated showers Monday.  But the warm weather continues for most of the week.


Temperatures soar ahead of the cold front but once the cold front gets closer our rain chances also increase.

mon 7 pm

Finally the front gets a little closer to use on Tuesday.  This means a much better chance for rain Tuesday.

Have a wonderful weekend!!

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