Warm and very windy today, with strong thunderstorms tonight…

April 18th, 2013 at 7:45 am by under Weather

We are starting off with a strong southerly flow this morning, as the warm front is now north of the area.  Winds will gust as high as 35-40 mph this afternoon, but this (in combination with some sun) will have temperatures soaring.  We are going for highs almost 20-degrees above normal:


Most of the day will be dry, although we couldn’t rule out an isolated thunderstorm.  The better chance for thunderstorms–some of which could be severe–will be overnight.  A strong cold front will move into the region, and a line–perhaps more than one line–of thunderstorms will affect us.  As Tara mentioned in yesterday evening’s blog… the timing is typically when storms tend to weaken (early morning hours)… but there is a lot of energy to work with.  So the SPC continues to have the area in an Elevated Risk for severe storms, with a Moderate Risk JUST off to our west (to coincide with those prime hours of instability):


We will keep you posted of any watches and warnings on WDTN, Channel 2 and www.wdtn.com.  If you have a NOAA weather radio, be sure it’s plugged in tonight, as the threat of strong storms is highest when most will be sleeping.  Right now the storms look to move into our northwest counties after 11pm and then continue to affect the area for several hours as they work from west to east.

Strong thunderstorms will be over by the Friday morning commute, but we still could have some rain in the area.  Windy conditions will also continue, and it will be much cooler as we finish the week.  It looks like we’ll hit an early high near 50-degrees, with afternoon temperatures falling into the 40s.  Over the weekend, nighttime lows will drop into the mid-30s… take note if you’ve done early planting, as there could be some patchy frost.


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