High and dry–a nice end to the week!

April 26th, 2013 at 7:38 am by under Weather

High pressure is centered over Ohio this morning, and with clear skies and light winds again… we’re dealing with more wide-spread frost.  A Frost Advisory is in effect for all of our counties through 9am.


Notice on the back side of the high, temperatures are a good deal warmer–40s and 50s–this is thanks to the southerly winds:


This afternoon, as the high moves east, we will get into a southerly flow.  It won’t be too breezy, but along with the sunshine it will be enough to warm us into the lower 60s.  So after this cold start, it will be a nice mild end to the week!

Over the weekend, we are tracking a storm that will move in from the southwest.  The first thing we’ll notice is an increase in cloud cover by Saturday afternoon.  Next, late-day… we could even see a few spotty showers develop–especially across our southern counties:


The chance is 20-30% right now, but the trend has been for that moisture to come a bit farther north… something to keep an eye on.  The rain chances definitely increase for Saturday night and through the day Sunday.  I have upped the rain chances through this timeframe, too… so keep wdtn.com and Live Doppler 2HD handy if you have outdoor plans this weekend!

Have a good one!

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