Unsettled weather pattern, but still warm…

May 16th, 2013 at 7:57 am by under Weather

What a warm day yesterday– we officially reached 87-degrees for the high with sunshine throughout the day.  If you’ve done some planting, the next several days will make you happy, as we have the chance for scattered showers and thunderstorms.  Free watering!  :)   This active weather pattern is all thanks to a front that is stalled across the region:


The front will oscillate between the Ohio River and our northern counties right through the weekend.  The combination of occasional disturbances moving along the boundary and daytime heating will fire up showers/thunderstorms at any time.  While it won’t rain all day, every day… it will likely rain at some POINT every day in our area.

Although wide-spread severe weather is not expected, any thunderstorm will have  the potential to produce small hail or even winds 30-to-40mph.  And the downpours.  Wow.  In just a couple hours this morning, Beavercreek picked up over an inch of rain!


So watch for localized flooding over the next several days.  This pattern does not look to break until at least mid-week next week.  So keep the umbrella handy!


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    It seems like it has been the story like almost the entire month to date.

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