Warming temperatures for the weekend

June 19th, 2013 at 8:50 am by under Uncategorized, Weather

Area of high pressure over the Great Lakes will continue to bring dry and pleasant weather to the Miami Valley this afternoon. Northeast winds is bringing us lower dew points which will make for very comfortable conditions. The lower dew points will allow for cool temperatures at night and warm temperatures during the day.


By Thursday into Friday high pressure moves off to the east, this will allow winds to become more southerly which will bring warming temperatures as we head into the weekend. Temperature will become more summer like as highs are expected to rise into the upper 80′s to near 90 degrees!

sfc map


Rain chances will increase slightly for both Saturday and Sunday because of the very warm temperatures and increasing humidity. But these will be isolated because high pressure is still in control. Since high pressure is associated with sinking air this will suppress the thunderstorm activity from becoming too widespread.


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