Heat wave this week…

July 15th, 2013 at 7:11 am by under Weather

Building high pressure aloft and at the surface will help to kick off the first heat wave of the summer this week!  Rain chances will remain low all week–just about a 10-20% shot of a pop-up shower/t’storm on any given day–under this dome of high pressure. Here’s the morning surface/temperature map:


And a look aloft:


Temperatures will soar.  Expect highs in the lower 90s, but with extremely high dew points, it will feel even hotter!  The muggy meter is reading at the top of the scale for the whole week:

muggy meter

Heat index values will range from the mid-90s to near 100-degrees later in the week.  This is what the combination of heat and humidity will make it feel like.  So even if the high is 91-degrees… it will feel closer to 98.  And if you’re standing out in the sunshine… it will fell even hotter.  So be sure to take it easy… check on friends/family/neighbors that may be susceptible to heat-related illness.  And remember the phrase, “Beat the heat, check the backseat“.  Do NOT leave children or pets in a car, as the inside of a car acts like a greenhouse, where actual temperatures inside the vehicle can reach 120°F in minutes.


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