Heat Wave continues…..but relief is on the way

July 19th, 2013 at 8:58 am by under Weather

One more hot and humid day across the Miami Valley with temperatures in the low 90′s. By Saturday a cold front will drop southward into the area bringing better chances for showers and thunderstorms and putting an end to the heat wave. So far we have had 4 days in a row with 90 degree temperatures and today we are expected to rise into the 90′s once again. The 90 degree temperatures combined with the high humidity will once again give us a heat index near 100 degrees!

This heat wave is all thanks to a large area of high pressure that has been located right over us this past week. This area of high pressure in associated with sinking air and as it sinks the air gets compressed and warms, which results in very warm temperatures. Rainfall is also limited because of the stable atmosphere that is associated  with sinking air.

But relief is on the way as a cold front is now located across the upper midwest and will continue to drop southward. This front will bring better chances for scattered showers and thunderstorms across much of the area through the day Saturday bringing an end to the heat wave and giving us some needed rainfall. As you can see the cold front has a line of showers and thunderstorms across Iowa and Wisconsin:


By Saturday the front will be in the area bringing showers and thunderstorms:

sfc front

Looking ahead into next week, temperature will be closer to seasonal averages with highs in the low-mid 80′s.

We mentioned in a previous blog on the farm of Amy and Jason Hoying in Fort Loramie… where some corn was blown over from last weeks straight line wind event. But good news to report: today Amy says the corn is rebounding! Thankfully, after the wind damage, they had a stretch of cooler, drier days where the corn could recover… before the heat wave set in.  So the corn was not stressed right away.  She says it’s tasseling now and starting to pollinate.  The dry weather (although hot) has also allowed them to get a lot of hay and straw baled this week, but now they could use some rain… as I’m sure all of us could.  It’s coming.

Stay cool and have a great weekend!




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