Fall like weather continues…and a look at rainfall

July 26th, 2013 at 8:43 am by under Weather

Hope you are enjoying this unseasonably cool weather, temperatures once again started off in the 50′s! Through the afternoon we will more sunshine shine with temperatures approaching 80. We will see some clouds start to increase through the afternoon as a cold front heads toward the area for Saturday.

Looks like the best chance for showers and a few thunderstorms will be in the morning through about mid afternoon.  It doesn’t look to be a wash out, but you may need the umbrella if you are going to be out. Once the front passes through, we’ll see a reinforcing shot of cooler air with temperatures in the low 70′s for Sunday. Temperatures will also remain below normal through much of next week with highs in the uppers 70′s to near 80 degrees!

With our recent stretch of wet weather it’s hard to believe we are below average for precipitation for the month, well at least for some. Here in Dayton there is a deficient of 1.11 inches for the month of July, however, because thunderstorms during the summer often bring locally heavy rainfall, some places have received even higher amounts.

30 day rainfall

This map above shows rainfall over the past 30 days and Dayton is stuck in the middle. The purple areas shows upwards of 10 inches down toward Cincinnati and to the northwest of Dayton. While Dayton approximately near 5-6 inches.

30 day departure

This map shows 30 day depart from normal rainfall. And this helps put into perspective the areas with above and below average. Cincinnati has in excess of 8 inches above average for the 30 day period. While Dayton is running near 1 inch below average. And looking at a wider view, we can see Central Indiana is running 1-1.5 inches below average while Central Ohio is running over 8 inches!

July rainfall 2012

Thankfully conditions are not like last year. Rainfall amounts last July were running 2-3 inches below average which only continued the drought that occurred much of last summer.

Here is a comparison of last years drought monitor and this years:


midwest 2012


midwest 2013

Big difference don’t you think! :)

Thanks for reading and have a great weekend!


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