Taste of September in July

July 27th, 2013 at 9:39 pm by under Weather

Last week we were talking about a heat wave with highs in the 90′s and now we’ll be in the lower 70′s to end the weekend.  The cold front which is just about to move through brought heavy rain to the Miami Valley earlier today.  Much of the area picked up at least an inch.

weather check rain

The rain cleared just in time to enjoy a nice afternoon.  Behind this front temperatures are going to be well below normal.

departure from normal highs

Much of Ohio, Indiana and Illinois will be feeling a tad cooler for Sunday.  These highs and lows are typical of what we would see in September not late July.

cool july temps

The reason we are feeling these cooler temperatures is because there’s a dip in our jet stream or storm track.


On Monday temperatures do warm a little bit but they’ll still be slightly below normal.  By Tuesday we’ll get a little closer to normal when our jet stream takes on a more west to east pattern.


We’ll we are enjoying our temperatures in the 70′s parts of Europe are baking in the 80′s and 90′s.


They have a ridge in the jet stream pattern across the pond.   You remember the heat right?  If you’re looking for more pool weather – hang tight.  We still have August to get through.


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