Tornado tally lowest since 2005

August 20th, 2013 at 5:08 pm by under Weather

There have been a couple of deadly tornado outbreaks this year in Moore and El Reno Oklahoma.  But it has been relatively quiet this summer.  I have been looking at some of the statistics and noticed the tornado tally is the lowest since 2005.

Here is a look at the annual trend from the local storm reports.  This is from the Storm Prediction Center.  This is through August 15th.  While I didn’t include the data through 2005 (I didn’t want to clutter the graphic) this year’s number is still lower than those in 2005 as well as the average.


Now keep in mind some of the reports in 2013 – that 715 number – may be adjusted slightly.  These are somewhat preliminary reports.  Verification is not complete yet, however I do not anticipate the number to change all that much.

The number of tornado deaths is also down.  April, May are the biggest months for large and deadly tornadoes and we really didn’t see too many this year.


In Ohio about 14 tornadoes have been reported so far this year.  Two in the Miami Valley.  Back on June 12-13 two separate tornadoes touched down.  One in New Knoxville and the other in Rockford.


So what could be causing this lack of tornado activity?  Well there are a number of cycles in the atmosphere that we continue to monitor.  One is the AMO or Atlantic Multidecadal Oscillation.  Right now the AMO is showing warmer waters in the Atlantic.  There’s also the PDO or Pacific Decadal Oscillation that shows the waters in the Pacific ocean are a bit cooler.  I have also read reports that the solar cycle is turning quiet.  These climate signals are just a few things we look at when trying to look at long term forecasts.



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