Cool mornings and pleasant afternoons…

October 9th, 2013 at 5:34 am by under Weather

High pressure over the region will continue to bring us cool/chilly mornings followed by pleasant afternoons.  Today, after starting in the 40s… we will top out in the 70s this afternoon.  The normal high is 66-degrees now, so we will actually be running above normal right through the upcoming weekend.  There is an area of low pressure moving along the east coast, and that is where the active weather will remain:


We may see a few thin, high clouds from this during the second half of the week… but not enough to stray from a sunny/mostly sunny forecast!  Dry weather continues through most of the weekend, with just a slight chance of a spotty shower later in the day on Sunday.  This, as a weak cold front moves in.  The front will wash-out over the area early  next week, but a low chance of a spotty shower will remain.  One thing to keep an eye on: cooler air that will try to move in towards the middle part or second half of next week!


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